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Foolish Human! Before you die, would you like to see the face of your fate?
Skelldon J. Bones before killing General Yoakido[src]

The Battle Aboard the Finest Hour was a battle in 33 BBY that occurred above Nar Shaddaa and resulted with the death of famed war hero General Yoakido.

The Battle

Before the battle, The Finest Hour was on its way to Coruscant to set up a meeting with Jedi Master Yoda. However, the crew picked up threats in Huttese. General Yoakido ordered the co-pilot to change courses and head for Nar Shaddaa in an attempt to flee the assassins. The crew in the control room received a transmission from Alpha One trying to inform on two intruders before being silenced by a blaster shot. General Yoakido then went to save his last two men and put Alpha Leader in charge of the control room until he returned. The general's son, Ben Yoakido tried to stop his dad from leaving, but the general told his son that things will be alright and that he is to wait in the control room until he returned. After General Yoakido left, Ben realized he was actually second in command. Ben and his friend Brent Rhea left the control room in an attempt to save Ben's father, leaving Alpha Leader and the co-pilot alone in the control room. General Yoakido arrived at the hangars to find Alpha Two and Alpha Three being gunned down by an assassin. General Yoakido threw his black cloak back and pulled out his sword. The duel was short because the assassin held the general at gunpoint. He then told General Yoakido to turn around and get one last look at his true fate, Givin crime lord Skelldon J. Bones. Meanwhile, Skelldon's droid companion IG-86 took control of the control room killing both Alpha Leader and the co-pilot in the process. Ben and Brent arrived at the hangars too late. They found only the corpses of Ben's father and the two dead soldiers. Ben took his father's cloak and sword with him. The two fled in an escape pod.


Skelldon and IG-86 were alerted to the two survivors and returned The Finest Hour to Skelldon's personal fleet. Skelldon was punished by his boss Darth Wraddiqus. IG-86 was in charge of capturing the two escapees. Ben and Brent arrived on Nar Shaddaa and entered a bar called The Undertow. Ben disguised himself with his father's cloak and the two went into the bar. The Wookiee bartender became suspicious of the two adolescent boys and revealed that he and the other patrons were spies working for Skelldon. However, one of the patrons was a Republic-loyal Cerean officer named Ci-Tar and rescued the boys.

Behind the scenes

Most of the battle was inspired by The Force Unleahsed in which a similar situation happens. User:Yodakenobi, after playing the PS2 version of the game, enjoyed the level above Nar Shaddaa and decided to add Nar Shaddaa to the storyline.

The space battle was inspired by Star Wars: The Drewton Legacy battle aboard the Legacy.

The death of Alpha One was cut out, because User:Yodakenobi decided to make an off-screen death seem more spooky.

User:Yodakenobi was also inspired by the events from Star Wars the Clone Wars episode Cloak of Darkness.


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