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These injured clones, they will no longer feel pain once this enters their nose.
I will not let that happen.

—Ahsoka Tano and Kit Fisto

A Skirmish on the medical frigate MF-61 was between infected Jedi Knights and Clone troopers, and non-infected Jedi Master Kit Fisto and Clone troopers. Faking for everything to be alright the infected ship docked with the medical frigate and fighting broke out. During the battle Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee together were able to kill Kit Fistp and that broke the clones coordination allowing them easy prey for the brain worms.


After being infected on Geonosis by a Brain Worm CT-3291 infected rest of the transport ship the TK-73. While infecting the rest of the ship, he infected Jedi Knights Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee and using them and the clone pilots to fake the medical frigate and allowing them to dock. After docking the battle began.

The Battle

Come we are getting out of here!
—Hardshot ordering the retreat
Right after docking the infected clones instantly opened fire on the non-infected clones killing the ones right in the docking bay, then dropping brain worm eggs to add them to the infected army. Ordering everyone to evacuate the ship Kit Fisto and his clone commander CC-9526 aka Hardshot tried to hold off the infected clones entering the hangar. After trying to hold the infected clones for a while Ahsoka and Barriss entered the hangar, then ordering the clones to retreat Kit Fisto took on the infected Jedi. Dueling for a long time Kit Fisto was killed then infected by Ahsoka who was knocked out by Hardshot while he was retreating. Trying to hold off the injured clones in Bacta Tanks Hardshot lead the clones to defend the hallway outside the room but was overran and they eventually retreated closer near the control room. After getting beat back into the control room the remaining clones locked the door and got into the escape pods and left the medical frigate and were later picked up by a passing republic cruiser. Later, the station was fully infected shortly after a quarter of the clone escaped. After the battle the infected army left the medical frigate to retake their "Home world" of Geonosis, when they arrived a few days later.
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