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Bathtub Productions is an non-commercial organization led by Damien Valentine, the project leader and the director of the BP movies and short films. The author became famous for several small videos as well as for his live action films, but among the most notable one would undoubtfully name his "Darkness Saga" series, a story about a young Jedi and his adventures in the Galaxy during different Star Wars time periods.

Bathtub Productions keeps interests in non-Star Wars titles as well, having created a sci-fi story "The Titan Incident" and several X-Files short films.

Bathtub Productions films

  • Chronicles of Humanity series
    • Shadow Meeting
    • The Titan Incident
  • Consanguinity series
    • Consanguinity Episode 1 - Immortality
    • Consanguinity Episode 2 - Lessons
    • Consanguinity Episode 3 - Watching
    • Consanguinity Episode 4 - Night Trip
    • Consanguinity Episode 5 - Turning Points
    • Consanguinity Episode 6 - The Vampire Strikes Back
    • Consanguinity Episode 7 - The New World
    • Consanguinity Episode 8 - Fortress
    • Consanguinity Episode 9 - Slayer
    • Consanguinity Episode 10 - Apocalypse
    • Consanguinity Trailer
  • Live Action movies
    • The X-Files Part 1
    • The X-Files Part 2
    • X-Files Lamina Vicus (Original)
  • Machinima series
    • Addicted to The Guild
    • An Ewok Picnic
    • Death of Jar Jar
    • Death of Jar Jar (Supreme Edition)
    • Explosive Reply
    • New Republic 5th Fleet 10th Anniversary
    • Piracy Through the Ages
    • Star Wars: The Fall of Naboo
    • Support the Guild

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