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Visit wonderful Basura! The service is brilliant, the coffee is great, and the maids are cute!
—Advertisement for Basura

Basura was a large space station orbiting a nondescript planetoid in the Inner Rim, serving as a fuelling station, hotel, and general relaxation area. It was constructed about 400 BBY by various corporations who were attempting to meet the demands of extra fuel stations along inner rim tradelines. It also provided luxury penthouse apartments for the very wealthy, and as a result it became home to various well-off individuals, from Black Sun vigos to corporate magnates. However, it also attracted various criminal elements, and due to it not being formally owned by any government, some parts of it became completely controlled by various gangsters and mobs. As a result, Basura developed its own security system and militia, and ended up practically becoming a territory itself. By the Invasion of Naboo, Basura was clearly split between three factions: the various rich individuals who wanted to use the station as their own relaxation area, known as 'Uppers', criminal elements which wanted to use the station as a base for their activities, who called themselves the 'Lowers', and the neutral Staff, who kept the station running. The first two factions both used their own hired security forces to try and gain control of the station from the other, with all-out conflict occasionally erupting on the station. Nominally, however, the two sides were at peace and confined to their respective areas of the station, although there was still a hostile atmosphere between them.


Sector 1

Sector 1 was the designation for the upper section of the station, which was mostly consisting of luxury penthouses and apartments for rich individuals. Various other luxury facilities, such as expensive restaurants, private swimming pools, small sports grounds, holo-theaters, and other entertainment facilities, were located here. For most of the station's history, sector 1 was dominated by the Uppers.

Sector 2

Sector 2 was the central part of the station. Here was the station's public areas, with venues such as casinos, shopping malls, cantinas, clubs and things of this nature located here. However, this area was quickly taken over by various criminal elements, and was thus mostly controlled by the Lowers. Sector 2 was often referred to by Uppers as 'a wretched hive of scum and villainy', amongst other various things. Several big criminal bodies, such as Black Sun and the Hutt Cartel, controlled some of the activities in this sector from behind the scenes.

Sector 3

In the lowest section of the station, Sector 3 was the maintenance level and habitation for the station's staff, and was generally ignored by the Lowers and the Uppers. The station's reactor was also located here. Although generally regarded as not worth visiting by the station's inhabitants, parts of sector 3 were actually quite luxurious, especially the quarters for the Chief Maid.



Several hundred years before the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Senate passed a bill greatly decreasing the taxation of outer rim trade routes. As a result, the amount of merchant traffic heading into the inner rim exploded, greatly increasing the demand for fuelling stations. Soon, it became obvious that the current servicing on the inner rim was inadequate. Realising that potential profit could be made from this situation, a group of wealthy businessmen got together and agreed on plans to construct a major station near a location that would provide service to merchant vessels from all over the galaxy.

Within a few months, the plans were drawn up, and the construction of each sector of the station was assigned to a different shipwright. The frames of each sector were built in different shipyards, from Kuat to Fondor, and were then transported via tug to the chosen location, above a small planetoid that was so obscure that it had not yet been named. As the frames were wielded together, the construction crews decided to name the project 'Basura', which meant 'Brilliant Cleanliness' in Huttese.

Once the frame was complete, legions of construction drones and material were transported in via barges. The project was also sponsored by the Senate, which also realised the necessity of such a station, so funding for the project was not lacking.

However, due to the size of the station, work still dragged on for several months. During this time, a colony of Mynocks took hold in the maintenance levels of the scaffold, and began threatening the power lines for the temporary reactors. As a result, a pest control team was sent in, and began eradicating Mynock nests, but then sentry droids sent deep into the Mynock-infested areas uncovered a terrible truth: radiation from the reactors and building materials had mutated the Mynocks into vicious, hive-based creatures. Soon, the Mynocks began attacking construction workers, and despite the pest control efforts they began spreading through the station, placing the whole project in the balance.

The foremen resorted to desperate measures. They evacuated the station and purchased a radiation bomb from the black market, and detonated it in the semi-built station. The resultant radiation wave killed much of the Mynocks, but merely incapitated the rest, and threatened to mutate them even more. Worried, the foremen sent a message to the Senate, which dispatched a battaltion of Republic troops which swept the station and eradictaed the Mynocks before they could recover.

The whole incident had good effects and bad ones. Construction was delayed, and the Mynocks had not been thoroughly exterminated; small nests still remained, although not on a threatening scale. However, the event had seen extensive media coverage, and other companies had agreed to sponsor the construction as well.

Eventually, the frame was filled in, and a small army of interior decorators was called in to fill the interior.

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