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—Barrius Vrake

Barrius Vrake was a male Britarro Jedi Knight who was the padawan of Jedi Master Jaro Barohan. He was a historian whose work was largely forgotten. Aric Qel-Droma was killed by Rugess Nome during the pursuit of Barrius' lost documents on Britaxis Minor.


Early life

Barrius Vrake was born around 25,052 BBY on his species' homeworld of Britaxis Minor. Not much is known about his past as, by 19 BBY, only one document proving his existence had been uncovered.


He was the padawan of the first Jedi Historian Jaro Barohan, and, after completing the jedi trials, took on a padawan, a Boosodian named Jin. Jin later also became a historian as well.


He died on Britaxis Minor when he was killed by Darth Vidias alongside his master.


In 127 BBY, Aric Qel-Droma, Arell Qel-Droma, Ple Unskette, and Vax Johunne journeyed to Britaxis Minor to search for Vrake's documents, which had been long lost. During this misson, Aric was killed by Rugess Nome (AKA Darth Tenebrous). However, Nome was defeated and the document found, alongside Vrake's tomb.

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