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The Baroonda Consortium was the government of Baroonda during the reign of the New Republic. It actually controlled the whole Baroonda system, the Formos System, and Honoghr, as well as the destroyed remnants of the Kessel system, whose namesake planet had been a testing ground for the Death Star.

The Consortium Government gained power in 17 ABY, only two years before the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty in 19 ABY. It consisted of a Council of Six who rotated in and out of the lead spot for one year every six years. However, this council only controlled the external affairs and the military. A Citizens' Assembly governed each planet or moon that was inhabited. The Baroonda Consortium was also very closely tied to the Brotherhood of Grey Jedi. In fact, two seats on the Council of Six were reserved for Craaft-ranked Grey Jedi.

Demographics and politics

The Baroonda Consortium was populated mostly through government-sponsored immigration. There are around 23 million inhabitants. The population was around 38% Human, 37% Zeltron, and 25% Nikto at the last census. Other species were not included in the government immigration plan, as Zeltros and Coruscant both suffered from overpopulation. Thus, this is where most of the new immigrants came from. One of the big tourist attractions is the podracing on Baroonda, as there are many well known tracks in the Galactic Circuit on Baroonda.

Baroonda maintained good relations with the Imperial Remnant for 4 years, until 21 ABY, when several Moffs donated ships to a fleet that was sent to destroy Baroonda and claim its sector on behest of the Empire. This plan backfired, however, when the Consortium fought back. The struggle was known as the Grey Brotherhood War. After a struggle that lasted almost a year, the Empire and Consortium signed the Treaty of Fire Mountain Rally, though neither side ever resumed favorable relations. Instead, much of the trade from the sector went through the Hutt Empire, the new ally of Baroonda.


The Military of the Consortium was composed of the Navy and the Marines, with the Navy dealing in space and the Marines dealing in ground. The Fleet Admiral of the Navy was a member of the Council of Six, as was the High General of the Marines. The soldiers were all Human, Zeltron, or Nikto, as the tiny fraction of other species dwelling in Consortium space made no contributions to either the Navy or Marines. There was a very simple rank system, with 12 ranks total. It went: Private, Pvt. 1st class, Corporal, Sgt., Sgt. 1st Class, Lieutenant, Lt. 1st class, Major, Colonel/Commander, Col. 1st Class/Captain, Marshall/Vice Admiral, High General/Fleet Admiral.

The military was broken up into units likewise:

  • Team- 3 people [Cpl]
  • Squad- 9 people/ 3 teams [Sgt/SFC]
  • Section- 27 people/ 3 Squads [Lt/LFC]
  • Detachment- 81 people/ 3 Sections [Major]
  • Regiment- 243 people/ 3 Detachments [Col/CFC]or[Cmdr/Cpt]
  • Gruppe- 729 people/ 3 regiments [Mshl/VA]

Both the Marines and the Navy were divided this way. However, many times, the military would attach one or two Grey Jedi to a unit, so as to improve tactics and strategy with the force, much as the Light Jedi did with the Republic Army in the Clone Wars. This naturally changed the number of men and women in a unit.


The Navy consisted of:

  • One heavily modified Providence-class carrier (flagship, the Grey Sword)
  • One Immobilizer 418 interdictor cruiser
  • 3 Strike-class cruisers
  • 7 modified FarStar corvette/carriers
  • 3 Assassin-class corvettes
  • 243 T-Wing Fighters
  • 54 Skipray Blastboats
  • 5,456 people


The Marines consisted of:

  • 2 F7 "landing brick" dropships
  • 7 Theta-class AT-AT barges
  • 40 2-M repulsortanks
  • 20 ATAP walkers (purchased from the Hutts post-war)
  • 130+ Arrow-23 transport landspeeders
  • 7 Gruppes, 2 Regiments
  • 6,300 people

Behind the scenes

The Baroonda Consortium was created by Irregular37 as a sort of vehicle for a story to be written. He is still looking for input on the characters and places that inhabit the Consortium. He has said that he would appreciate any help or input that other authors could provide.

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