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Baritth was a planet that resided in the unknown regions of space. The planet orbited three stars, in a rare formation. The planet collided with another in a similar orbit, causing Barrith to become highly volcanically active. Barrith provided shielding from the solar radiation of three suns to one of it's moons through an unusually large electromagnetic field. The planet had two other moons, both of which were pulled into a system of rings around Barrith. The planet was the closest to its host star in the system though it was the only one within its orbital pattern. The planet never developed sentient life, though it may have once harbored plant life, prior to the collision. Barrith had since been populated by small settlements in the poles of the planet, though it remained primarily used in smuggling routes.



Barrith was a highly volcanically active planet. The planet was uninhabited. Most of the surface of the planet was covered in black sand. Many wells of lava sprang up from the ground, though those formations primarily bordered the equator. The polar regions of the planet while small quickly became dormant, the cool lava tubes below the surface had caved in forming cliffs that further shielded from the heat outside.


The weather was extreme and sand storms often picked up within minutes. The planet regularly reached temperatures well over 100 degrees though it did have dormant areas which were much cooler. The planet had a strong electromagnetic field that encompassed the innermost moon. Without the electromagnetic field, in one minute a sentient being would be subjected to thirty times the solar radiation traditionally considered fatal.


This planet was unique in orbiting three stars. Barrith had an S-Type Orbit. The planet orbited the red giant, which was caught in the binary orbital system with a less dense white dwarf. A red dwarf orbited the white dwarf. Due to this, the planet had a very long Orbital Period of 621 standard years. Three stars orbited the planet, all of which remained unnamed. The closest star resided inside the planets electromagnetic field, allowing it to have some amounts of surface water. The other moons were pulled into rings around the planet by it's gravitational force.



The planet was discovered and briefly explored by Quoran Wenvaas


The compositions of the surrounding stars suggested that the star system was quite old. This, and the fact that Barrith was so volcanically active so late in the formation led settlers to believe that the planet may have harbored some early form of plant life prior to its collision.


The planet was made known to the galaxy and a few Sullustan settlements were made there. It was rumored that an Asogian fugitive may have also made his way inside. The settlements brought in their own cultures and no official government was ever established. Due to the early development of this planet, it was visited infrequently by outsiders and was commonly used in a Loop Smuggling Route. These early sullustan settlements were abandoned later on because until the planet began to cool, it was difficult to support life for prolonged periods of time, especially due to the fact that food needed to be imported from other locations.

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