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I wasn't given a choice, I never was. The title of Krazsis means that one is willing to give up their life in service to the great Wrath that was my ancestor or past life.
—Barid Sal

Barid Sal, or better known as Darth Krazsis, was Sith Master during the times of the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War. He never declared his allegiance to anyone, only briefly serving with the Galactic Empire as an Emperor's Hand, therefore was declared a terrorist through the duration of his lifetime. He was born on the planet Balmorra where he was trained as a Sith at birth from his father, unidentified, to become the next bearer of the title "Krazsis" which was a service to his "past life." He began a small cult following around the title, in which he was the deity, during the course of the Clone Wars where he encountered the Reformed SIS Agent Kit Avo on multiple occasions. Though when Order 66 came into play, he joined Darth Sidious as an Emperor's Hand.

He served with them loyally up until Liberation of Coruscant where he then abandoned the fragmented empire and returned to his on devious work, causing several major incidents on the planet and on Tython. It was on that same planet where he perished at the hands of Kit Avo and her husband Dalso Makon.


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