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Baocarro is a world that has been left off the maps. The perfect place to disappear for awhile. Only the very most experienced smugglers know how to find it.
Aejjihl the Hutt
Baocarro (pronounced BOW-CAR-OH) is a temperate rainforest world located in Wild Space. Due to its remoteness and lack of galactic importance it has been forgotten by the galaxy to the extent that it has never appeared on any star maps. It is home to the reclusive Nam'awi species who live deep in the rainforests in arboreal villages.

It is a primary setting in the Baocarro Sagas.

Description Edit

This world is so beautiful. So full of life and colour. I've never seen anything like it.
Rey Odai
Predominantly covered in dense rainforests interspersed with rolling grasslands Baocarro hosts an incredibly diverse range of wildlife and plants. It boasts a rich ecosystem and a stable weather system. Most of the planetary surface is dominated by a massive supercontinent. This supercontinent is cut off from a number of islands and archipelagos by a large ocean.

Apart from the city of Saloum and scattered Nam'awi villages the planet is largely devoid of permanent settlements making it a haven for its native wildlife. Native wildlife include the ungulate Mo'thai, the highly inquisitive forest-dwelling Othol ape, the brightly coloured Crested Garuu parrot, the highly venomous Vith'uui snake and the predatory lion-like Ja'ruui.

The rainforests that cover most of the planetary surface are made up mostly of towering Ko'aoa trees interspersed with other native trees and rainforest plants. These forest giants both serve as supports for the treehouses of the Nam'awi and as homes for the arboreal forest creatures.

History Edit

For most of galactic history Baocarro has been a remote and forgotten world ignored even by the Infinite Empire. Being left to its own devices resulted in a sense of isolationism leaving the Nam'awi totally unaware that there were other sentient races in the galaxy. This bred a naive and trusting nature in the Nam'awi due to their lack of experience with other races and the knowledge that they weren't always friendly or good natured like they are.

Galactic Empire Edit

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire and the widespread oppression it forced on the galaxy Baocarro became an ideal hideout for fugitives fleeing Imperial justice due to its extreme remoteness and anonymity. It was first discovered by outlaw and smuggler Han Solo on one of his forays into Wild Space and it soon attracted a crowd of smugglers, fugitives and other galactic outcasts.

It's remoteness allowed it to evade Imperial forces due to Imperial Intelligence failing to learn of its existence thanks to the planet's long absence from galactic records. Likewise, the Rebellion also never learned of its existence and the planet remained cut off from the galaxy. This allowed it to continue serving as a safe haven for those fleeing from the Empire.

Han soon forgot about Baocarro when his duties with the Rebellion began consuming all of his time. He never visited the far flung world again although its location remained stored in the navigation records of the Millennium Falcon. Baocarro was then rediscovered by the Hutt crimelord Aejjihl who stumbled upon it while fleeing into Wild Space to escape what he viewed as the interference of the Hutt Grand Council.

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