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This war may not be the crowing achievment of the Sith, as that is yet to come. However, it will help pave the way to our ascension to power.
—Darth Plagueis

The Bane Crisis was a war fought between the Republic and the Disciples of Bane led by Sith Lord Darth Galepius. However, it was actually all a plot by Sith lords Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious to destroy those dark Jedi that were a threat to their plans.


This war will test our skills to the limit, and even that may not be enough.
—Thame Cerulian

The Crisis Begins

Our plans have been set in motion and now we wait to see if they bear fruit.
—Darth Baden

The Rule of the Triad

If this Council cannot agree on a plan of attack then I must rule alone.
—Darth Galepius to his aides

After the Disciples were formed, they were ruled by the Triad of Darkness which consisted of Galepius, Darth Destru and Darth Baden. The Disciples began attacking the Republic, but these met with limited success due to conflict within the Triad, particularly between Destru and Baden. However, they did manage to capture Korriban, the ancient homeworld of the Sith.

Angered at Baden's cautious policy, Destru had the Sith Lord killed which led to civil war on Korriban. However Galepius, seeking to turn the Disciples in his own direction, betrayed Destru to the Republic, resulting in the latter's death. Galepius then began his rule of the Disciples.

Galepius's Strategy

Our first move will be against the Trade Federation. Crushing them will split the Republic in half and shatter the Senate into a thousand peices.
—Darth Galepius

For ten years after the disastrous Third Battle of Korriban, Galepius had been gathering students to train in the dark side of the force and soldiers to lead his army. Darth Razor on Khaleen, Darth Clous on Kessel and Darth Verona were all drafted into his service. Soldiers like Mera Dan and Commodore Bacqui served to liase between the Sith and their land and space forces respectively.

With his rivals now dead, Galepius took the Disciples into hiding and began building up his forces. The Sith established their base in the highlands of Eriadu, constructing a vast fleet to launch against the galaxy while Darth Clous gathered an army that was trained by Darth Verona and Mera Dan. Finally, eight years after the war had begun, they were ready to strike.

However, Galepius's first attack on the Trade Federation at Neimodia was a disaster. When his agents failed to assassinate all the members of the Directorate, Galepius's fleet was confronted by a large Federation fleet. Galepius withdrew before he suffered too many losses.

The Crisis Escalates

Eriadu is being held hostage and the Disciples' armies have buried themselves in, will you not help them?
—Senator Valorum to the Senate

Intervention of the Jedi

Returned the Sith have, fight we must.
—Grand Master Yoda
Cerulian's Revenge
I promise to avenge you Seth, and nothing, not even the Jedi Council will stop me.
—Thame Cerulian

Following the capture of Korriban, the Jedi Council sent Thame Cerulian to hunt down what they thought was the last Sith Lord Darth Sharka. However, when Thame confronted him, he was knocked out and his apprentice Seth Khaleb killed. In revenge, Thame gathered a team of Jedi and tracked Sharka to Neimodia where they engaged the Sith Lord. Sharka killed many of the Jedi before Thame killed him but Thame himself was killed by Sharka's bodyguard Xethyr.

Dooku's Mission
Gathered on Eriadu the Sith have, drive them out you will.
—Yoda to Jedi Master Dooku

As the Disciples readied for war, Senator Valorum contacted the Jedi on Coruscant. They sent notable Jedi Master Dooku and his apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn to end the crisis. Arriving on Eriadu, they confronted smuggler Siras Feltz, who was working for the Disciples. They questioned him but he was then killed by his contact Darth Merik, who then fled.

Dooku and Qui-Gon pursued Merik through the Eriduian Capital until they confronted him in the hanger. After a brief duel, Merik fled the planet with the Jedi in hot pursuit. However, this was a trap planned by the Disciples and the Jedi were captured.

After an interrogation by Dan, the Jedi were handed over to the Sith. Darth Galepius and his apprentices Darth Sisidou and Darth Verona held the Jedi at their base in the Xeros Asteroids for two long years.

Attack on the Galaxy

Wehave gathered our full strength and now it is time to launch our assault on the galaxy, nothing shall stop us, nothing.
—Darth Galepius

Meanwhile, the Disciples decided to test their strength against that of the Republic's. Galepius launched a fleet led by Darth Razor which swept across planets like Strageus and Rodia. It was eventually stopped at the Battle of the Corellian Trade Spine which ended in a draw.

The Disciples decided to retreat to Eriadu and launch a second attack before the Republic could react against them. However, events were moving faster then they were expecting.

Mera's Defection

The Sith have no honor, they believe that treachery and betrayal will bring victory. They are mistaken, and we shall show them this.
—Mera Dan following his defection

Following the torture of the Jedi on Xeros, Mera became disillusioned with the Disciples and left his post, being replaced by Admiral Driez. As he gathered his men to leave the Disciple's space, they attampted to assassinate him through his second-in command Palum.

When this attack failed, Mera decided to declare war on the Disciples. He did this with an attack on the Xeros Asteroids. The battle that followed led to the release of the Jedi and the death of Darth Verona.

Following this victory, Mera teamed up with the Jedi. Together they warned the Republic of an attack on Coruscant and launched an attack on the Disciple's stronghold on Eriadu.

The Overthrow of the Disciples

This is our final battle, if we win here, the Disciples will fall and the Sith will be utterly eradicated.
—Dooku just before the Battle of Eriadu

As the allies launched their attack on Eriadu, Galepius sent Razor and a fleet to strike Coruscant, unaware that the Republic knew of this attack. Razor's fleet flew straight into a trap above Phark and was all but wiped out.

While the Battle of Phark raged, Mera and the Jedi, together with Eriaduian security, attacked Galepius's fortress. After drawing the Disciple's army out into the battle, they defeated them and stormed the enemy fortress, wiping out the Disciple's army.


We have done well Sidious, the self-proclaimed Sith lords are all dead and our way is clear to rule the galaxy.
—Darth Plagueis to Darth Sidious

With the Disciples destroyed, the Republic had weathered another crisis and come out standing. Qui-Gon was knighted on Coruscant at Dooku's request. However, the crisis had deeper meaning, with the Disciples gone, nothing stood in the way of Plagueis and Sidious's rise to power.

Notable Battles


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