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Shortly after their arrival on Balstros, the people of the reborn Empire launched a campaign to clear a wilderness region on the planet. The effort was conceived and organized by the founder and first leader of the Grand Military, Myrim Volkin. Volkin led a newly-formed army of Imperial revivalists into the jungle wilds of the untamed Balstros, carving into the habitats of native Coligs and animal species and clearing the way for the Sith to gain a secure foothold on the world. When the project reached completion, the Imperials had cleared enough of the wilderness to allow for their leaders to begin building a new capital that would later come to be known as Clou City.


The Galactic Alliance defeated the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt and his great Galactic Empire at the close of the Second Imperial Civil War. Although the war had broken the backbone of the Empire and its people, the Galactic Federation Triumvirate insisted that his forces continue their assault against the Sith in order to fully eliminate their enemy and society. Fearing persecution, a group of Imperials fled from their homeworld Korriban and the rest of known space to seek asylum with the surviving Sith Lord known as Darth Malphas elsewhere in the galaxy. Under the leadership of Malphas, who quickly declared himself the undying Lord Emperor, these survivors traveled hyperspace for twenty years before discovering the Emperor's lost home planet Balstros. The jungle world had once played host to the Sith Lords childhood, but had long since been forgotten by him until now. The Emperor accepted Balstros as the capital for a new Empire that could one day challenge the Galactic Federation, but simultaneously retreated into the shadows while his Shadow Council of Sith Lords managed the building of the new government.

The Campaign

With his newly-trained army of Imperial soldiers, Volkin marched into the jungles of Balstros and began poaching the native Coligs who fought to defend their homeworld from the invading outsiders, while the sith marched through the jungles unchecked, the coligs seemed to be smarter than the sith thought and tricked Volkins squad into a trap and ambushed them in a dead end cave and slaughted more than three quarters of volkins battalion. Volkin quickly recovered and called reinforcements and continued the onslaught of the coligs who couldn't hold out to the Sith's weaponry and surrendered. The Sith killed animals and started clearing the forests. Clad in black armor and wielding blaster rifles, the troops engaged and killed many yozusks and other creatures. Volkin himself participated in the rest of the combat despite injury and personally fought a the Coligs leader known as Clou. Although Clou nearly got the upper hand, Volkin managed to slay the Colig leader. killing the leader meant that Volkin became the new leader and the Coligs pledged their loyalty to him and the Sith. Volkin now claimed the region on behalf of the Empire.


With a vast swath of the jungle cleared, Imperial builders and enslaved Coligs were able to move in and begin construction on a new capital for a revived Empire. The metropolis that sprang up in the area was named Clou City after Volkins victory over Clou and the city was centered around a massive building known as the Imperial Citadel, which was built over the site of Volkins clash with the Coligs leader Clou. While the Emperor and Shadow Council ruled their new dominion from the city, Volkin went about the business of enhancing their military.

The Human helped to design a new Star Destroyers and harnessed the strength of the Imperial people to build a new naval armada from scratch. Volkins work was hugely successful, and his new army and navy were tasked with expanding the boundaries of the Emperor's reign by conquering the worlds surrounding Balstros. Volkins work in building military strength for the Sith earned him the favor of the Shadow Council and the Lord Emperor himself, who proclaimed Volkin to be the first Grand Moff of the new Empire.

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