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The Ballistic–Ordnance Ten droid, or B–OX droid, was a droid series designed to handle military munitions and other volatile or explosive material. As the tenth version of the series, it was designed to outperform its nine predecessors by being more efficient and orderly. It was also outfitted with repulsor technology so that it would not be limited to ground–level work or hindered by obstacles. The droid would handle material with manipulator arms or, if carrying items in bulk, with ventral–mounted fork–arms.

It became one of the most mass–produced droids in the galaxy and was considered indispensable for trade and shipping organizations for its ability to transport cargo quickly and military organizations for its specialty in carrying volatile material.


The B–OX droid was designed to be bottom–heavy, short and flat in order to lower the risk of an accident and to provide as much surface area for cargo transport as possible. The top of the droid was equipped with a conveyor belt to distribute the cargo along its flat surface and maximize capacity. Fork–arms and manipulator–arms were also stock equipment on the droid. The B–OX, like most construction and cargo droids, was painted bright yellow or orange when in civilian possession. Burgundy was the color of choice when in the possession of the military.


The droid was originally designed to safely contain and transport hazardous material from the battlefield or operate in areas unsuitable for sapient life such as hard vacuum or a zone with extreme irradiation. The droid was strictly marketed for the military/security force market, hence its designation, but the market was widened to construction and waste management, both of which work in hazardous locations and required cargo transport en masse. The fork–arms were useful for carrying heavy and/or numerous objects while the manipulator–arms held items of delicacy.

Behind the scenes

The B–OX droid was created by I'm the Chosen One. The designation is based on the word "box" and describes the droid's boxy shape and its purpose of carrying boxes. The article was created to ensure competition in the droid category of the 7th Wiki Awards.

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