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You are a sad, strange little man.
Casei Solus, moments before being executed

B'Rhea (né B'Rhea Devictin) was an Eriaduan businessman and politician, serving as governor-general of Eriadu during the Seswenna Security Crisis.


B'Rhea was nominated by Avar Zranik, the head of Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises in 710 BBY to be on the ballot as governor-general of Eriadu. He quickly gained support of the wealthy politicos and businessmen of the planet. Even though B'Rhea's views on species and Republic relations were controversial among many Eriaduans, he was easily elected in 709 BBY, having been strongly supported by the corrupt political machines. B'Rhea's opponents, led by Casei Solus, claimed the vote was rigged, but nothing was ever proven. His tenure was deemed to be for life during the same election, the erstwhile referendum also barely passing.

In 705 BBY, B'Rhea consolidated the police forces on Eriadu and forced a treaty with the Senate that gave Eriadu jurisdiction on interstellar incidents that took place on the planet itself. He used the police force to suppress his opposition and take control over media outlets. He also appointed Mra Tarkin as his successor and gave her the title Chief Ambassador to the Republic and Overseer of Native Affairs. B'Rhea personally killed his foremost political opponents—including the woman who ran against him four years earlier. As far as media, only HoloNet News remained independent on the planet, but the stories that were negative for B'Rhea were repressed within the sector.

During the Seswenna Security Crisis, B'Rhea was a vocal critic of the Republic and of the Jedi. He openly pushed for a secession referendum in a barrage of political speeches and appearances. He was viewed as an enemy of the Republic by Anwis Eddicus when the crisis exploded across the galaxy. B'Rhea was secretly complicit in the actions that fellow Eriaduan Avar Zranik was supposedly leading against the Republic. He offered protection and other tactical support on Eriadu to those who participated in the struggle.

In an attempt to soften his negative views outside the sector, B'Rhea reached out to Seswenna by offering support for its recovery. In truth, it was designed to be a public relations ruse. During his visit there, he was assassinated by the bounty hunter Ko. Tarkin immediately took the helm of the government and blamed the Seswennans for violently rejecting support. Tarkin had secretly orchestrated B'Rhea's death as a means of further destabilizing the Seswenna sector and a pretext for justifying military action against other planets.

Personality and traits

Eriadu is the jewel of the sector! May Seswenna and all those vile aliens and alien-lovers perish in Chaos!

B'Rhea was a xenophobe and a strong Humano-centric culturalist. He espoused a strong view of planetism, viewing Eriadu as the best planet in the entire Seswenna sector. He was furthermore notorious for his secessionist views and dictatorial stances. He consolidated control on Seswenna to favor the political and social elite.

Behind the scenes

The name of the character is given as an homage to fellow fanon author Brandon Rhea, although the personality portrayed in the character differs from the author. The character had been created by Fiolli previously for Golden Age of the Republic: Secret Agendas but had been unnamed. He was selected to be the highlighted character for the short story The Suppression.


Notes and references

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