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The Jedi were foolish to forbid love. With time, I learned that love is like the Force - it holds the galaxy together.
—Ayjeb Calun

Ayjeb Calun (pronunciation: AY-jeb ka-LOON), also known as Truena during the Great Jedi Purge, was a Jedi Knight who served the Galactic Republic as a Commander during the Clone Wars, survived Order 66, took an active role in early rebellions against the Galactic Empire (most notably during the attempt to thwart it) and helped the Alliance to Restore the Republic together with her surviving Jedi brethren.


Early life

Ayjeb Calun was born on the planet Ledeve to parents Tares and Junyet Calun, who escaped their homeworld of Alpheridies because of unpaid debts. They were on their way to Coruscant when their ship malfunctioned and crashed on Ledeve. Since they couldn't get off the planet, they took advantage of their species' natural connection to the Force and gave their newborn child to the Jedi Temple on Ledeve. Although they wanted to keep and raise them, they were in no condition to do so.

Together with a few other students, who included the Human Soir. Ayjeb began their education in the Jedi ways in the Ledeve Temple by the Jedi Master Kluri. They enjoyed climbing on the voorie trees that grew around the Temple. At the age of four, Calun and all the other students were taken to Coruscant to start more advanced training, except for Soir, who chose to stay behind and train with Kluri.


Early days

During their youngling training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, they had classes with various Masters and Knights, such as Yoda, Tera Sinube and Gy-Wulon Emorr. Also, they became friends with the Sullustan Truol Naunsia and the Alder-Espirion Mari Marindas, who were in their Initiate clan.

Ayjeb was particularly fond of philosophy, still remembering their classes about Jedi philosopher Zalin years after they occurred.

At the age of twelve Ayjeb, Truol, Mari and the rest of their clan underwent the Gathering and built their lightsabers, with Ayjeb's possessing a blue blade. Since Soir, her childhood friend, hadn't constructed his lightsaber yet, he went with them to Ilum and, like Ayjeb, constructed a blue-bladed lightsaber. Soon after, Ayjeb was selected by Lothalite Jedi Master Mirena Tallirze as a Padawan.

Depite being born a female, Ayjeb identified as non-binary and chose to be referred to with they/them pronouns. They believed that, in the Force, all were one and that gender did not matter.

Clone Wars

Ayjeb Calun, Jedi Commander

When the Clone Wars broke out, Master Tallirze took the title of General and joined the conflict, with Padawan Calun adopting the designation of Commander and fighting alongside her.

Being a skilled pilot, Ayjeb possessed their own Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor and her own astromech droid, R2-C1.

Battle of Nal Kapok

(Main article: Battle of Nal Kapok)

In 22 BBY, the Republic launched an attack on the Confederacy of Independent Systems-aligned planet of Nal Kapok. Calun and Tallirze led the assault, alongside Ayjeb's childhood friend, Truol Naunsia, and her Master, Loran Daz. The Republic managed to capture the planet and it was a devastating loss for the Confederacy.

By the time of this battle, Clone Lieutenant CC-1026 "Ior" was already serving alongside General Tallirze and, subsequently, Commander Calun.

Mourning Ledeve

When Ayjeb came back from Nal Kapok, they were told that their childhood friend, Soir, and old mentor, Kluri, were killed during the destruction of the Ledeve Jedi Temple. Before returning to the battlefield, they mourned their deaths.

Battle of Hypori

(Main article: Battle of Hypori)

When Calun finally felt ready to return to the battlefield, their Master returned from a conflict on Dadhes and they were deployed to the planet Hypori to recapture the planet from the CIS alongside five other Jedi. Calun, alongside fellow Commanders Mari Marindas (their childhood friend) and Tecinve, their masters, respectively, Nachabo and Larria Caam, her own Master and General Qoshilloc Balseff were ambushed by General Grievous, with Nachabo, Balseff, Tecinve and Caam being killed in the ensuing duel. Although the attempt failed, it took a heavy toll on both belligerents.

Battle of Axion

(Main article: Battle of Axion)

Calun and her Master were then deployed to Axion. The Republic was severely outnumbered, so they were forced to retreat. This battle specifically brought bad memories to Ayjeb.

Battle on Mrinzebon

(Main article: Battle on Mrinzebon)

After the failed Battle of Axion, Ayjeb and Mirena were stationed on the rainy world of Mrinzebon, securing a Republic base located on the planet. The Separatists attacked it by surprise, catching the Jedi and the clones off guard and conquering the station. The Jedi High Council sent the revered Jedi Master Soara Antana to aid Master Tallirze and Padawan Calun, and with their strategy and skill combined, they managed to retake the base.

Battle of Pipada

(Main article: Battle of Pipada)

Sometime after the Mrinzebon episode, Master Tallirze, Padawan Calun and recently appointed Captain Ior, were once again summoned to the battlefield on the world of Pipada, where the local Drabatans were struggling to keep the Separatists off of their planet. By taking advantage of the Drabatans' knowledge of their homeworld and by attacking by air, sea and land at the same time, the Republic managed to win the battle.

Mission to Akiva and Order 66

(Main articles: Battle of Akiva, Order 66)

The day the war ended, Calun, Tallirze, Naunsia, Daz and the Jedi Knight Huulik, accompanied by a company of clones, led by Captain Ior, were on a mission to disable a droid factory on the jungle planet of Akiva. Things escalated as the droids realized that the Jedi were planting explosives and started a battle. Daz was shot down by the droids, but the other four Jedi managed to blow up the factory, thanks to Commander Ior's sacrifice. Just as they were preparing to return to Coruscant, Order 66 was issued. Naunsia and Tallirze were caught off guard, but Calun and Huulik were able to kill all remaining troops. After that, a badly injured Huulik invited Calun to Rodia, where he was planning to hide, but they refused, stating that the Jedi should wait separated until the situation became clearer.

They got on their starfighter and left Akiva, and Huulik did the same. The Knight would later die of his wounds while on the way to Rodia, his homeworld. Calun, however, managed to survive, and also returned to their homeworld of Ledeve and camped in the woods, among their beloved voorie trees.

Great Jedi Purge

(Main article: Great Jedi Purge)

Disguised Jedi

Unlike most remaining Jedi, Ayjeb did not attend the Conclave at Madar. In order to mask their identity, Ayjeb sold their Jedi starfighter in exchange for a Latero Spaceworks Q-99 light freighter (which they deemed the Voorie), dyed their hair green, changed their blindfold and started going by the name Truena, a mix of the names Truol and Mirena. They began traveling around the Outer Rim Territories and taking quick jobs as a hauler with their droid's help. Eventually, a group of Jedi got found them on Er'Kit - their newly-Knighted childhood friend, Mari Marindas, her old Master, the Bith T'aves and another Knight, the Naboo Zeav Rhininké. They joined them in their job and they became a crew.

Siege of Lasan

(Main articles: Siege of Lasan, Duel on Lasan)

In 17 BBY, Ayjeb and the three other Jedi were doing a job in the Wild Space world of Lasan. However, they were spotted by Imperial agents operating on the Lasat homeworld. It was known that the Lasat stood up against the Empire and often disagreed with the Galactic Emperor. So, the King of Lasan, Rion Parrel, was dethroned and executed and the planet was bombed, driving the Lasat to near extinction. While the destruction of the planet occurred, the Grand Inquisitor, the Second Sister, the Fourth Sister and the Eighth Brother hunted down the Jedi present in the middle of a square in the world's capital, Chidel.

The Inquisitors gave the first blow, with the Grand Inquisitor attacking Master Nachabo. Marindas attempted to help her former Master but was intercepted by the Eighth Brother. The Fourth and Second Sisters engaged Calun and Rhininké, respectively. Nevertheless, the duelists occasionally switched opponents mid-duel.

Calun was standing off well against her opponents, but Mari eventually went off against the Fourth Sister and was having trouble defending herself. Ayjeb Force pushed the Eighth Brother, her current opponent, into a wall to help the Alder-Espirion, succeeding in making the Inquisitor pass out, but as she did this the Fourth Sister finally breached through her enemy's defenses and was cut in half. She immediately fell to the floor, lifeless. Nachabo, srtuck with sadness, let his guard down and was impaled by the Grand Inquisitor.

Zeav, the only other surviving Jedi, urged Ayjeb to run. The Fourth Sister chased them, but they managed to throw off their hunter, reach the Voorie and escape. Soon after, they were reached out to by another surviving Jedi, Irill Satesone, one of the remaining members of the Madar Thirteen.

Taunting the Empire

(Main article: Duel on Tregart)

"Look! The Jedi have finally lost their minds. Pathetic."
The Fourth Sister, upon seeing Irill Satesone brandish his lightsaber in public
Upon meeting Irill in a street fair in the Imperial-controlled planet of Tregart, they asked him why he had called them there. He then proceeded to tell her that he had leaked their location and that he believed they would be able to capture Inquisitors and hold them hostage, using them to blackmail the Empire. Ayjeb was in shock and told him that he was out of his mind and that they should escape while they still could. Irill refused to leave, as he knew Ayjeb wouldn't leave him to die.

A few minutes passed and the Inquisitors arrived - the Weequay Fourth Sister, who Ayjeb noticed was tasked with killing them specifically, and the Zabrak Thirteenth Brother had been dispatched by the Empire to kill them, along with some Purge Troopers. As they arrived, Irill hastily made his way to them as revealed himself to the crowd. He ignited his lightsaber, emitting a blue blade, and the Purge Troopers rushed to take him down. He quickly got rid of them, leaving only a few hesitant stormtroopers and the two Inquisitors. He engaged the Jedi hunters for a while, but Ayjeb realized he wouldn't last too long alone. Creeping from behind the Thirteenth Brother, Ayjeb ignited their own lightsaber and joined the duel.

The Brother quickly turned around to face them and left the Sister to face Satesone by herself. The latter took advantage of the mutant kyber crystal that he used in his lightsaber and switched its color mid-duel, from blue to yellow, in a try to astonish his opponent. He succeded in this, then hit her head with the other end of the lightsaber. She passed out, and he held her up with the Force, stating that "if any stormtrooper tries to hit me, you'll have to hit her first and Vader won't like that". So, he took her to his hideout in an alley in a nearby slum and immobilized her with stuncuffs locked around a bar.

Back at the street fair, the crowd had already gone to their homes, either out of fear of the two dueling Force-users or because the stormtroopers that arrived to secure the area sent them away. They also attempted to intervene in favor of the Inquisitor, but failed as the Jedi managed to take them all out. As the duel ensued, both the Miraluka and the hybrid became too tired to continue fighting. So, they proposed a short truce and sat down to regain their energies.

Trying to soothe the situation, Ayjeb asks the Thirteenth Brother why he believed being an Inquisitor was better than being a Jedi. He answers, saying that the power he felt wasn't like anything he had ever felt as a Jedi and that he desired to love. Ayjeb replied saying that they didn't really understand that, since they had never looked for love. The Thirteenth Brother, in a moment of empathy, told them about his love for a fellow Jedi. As he was talking, Irill showed up and jumped on the Inquisitor from behind, in an attempt to kill him. The horned humanoid rapidly reacted, igniting his red lightsaber to defend himself, then saying that the Jedi are all liars and deceivers. Ayjeb felt the light in him disappear and was deeply saddened. As Irill's now purple blade clashed against the Brother's red one, Ayjeb watched in despair. Irill called for their help, but they declined the call. They saw that Irill's intentions were filled with malice, and they did not want to take part in his schemes. They then asked the Inquisitor for the name of his beloved, phrasing it in a way the other Padawan wouldn't understand. "Drisor Frahon", he answered, and they returned to the Voorie, leaving Irill to fend for himself. Irill shouted at them and called them a traitor, to which they replied: "I am not the traitor here. You're the one that has left the Jedi way. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have another Jedi to find."

The search for Drisor Frahon
Starting in Coruscant

From that day on, Ayjeb made it their main goal to find Drisor Frahon and bring the Thirteenth Brother back to the light, as she knew that there was still hope for him. They started searching in the Coruscant underworld, where they sent out a call in the Force. A surviving Padawan, Kitrel, and Chanddrai, a youngling she had managed to save, answered the call and met with Ayjeb on Level 2881, which was too far down for the Empire to catch them and too far up to have significant crime activity. Kitrel was friends with both Drisor and Eddan (which was the Thirteenth Brother's name before his turn) and told Ayjeb all she could, telling them she thought that Drisor had hid in the forty-ninth moon of Vennev. They thanked her and asked if she and Chanddrai wished to join them in their search. She thanked them back and said she wouldn't join them, but that she would accept a ride off Coruscant, to train Chanddrai in peace.

Traveling to Vennev-49

Ayjeb, Kitrel and Chanddrai took off on the Voorie, and they dropped the latter two off at Khbaleou, which was the site of an ancient, hidden Jedi temple where Kitrel would train Chanddrai in the Jedi way. There, Ayjeb gave their lightsaber to Chanddrai, saying that she would have more use to it than them. They said their goodbyes and, following this, Ayjeb traveled to Vennev-49 and there, near the moon's only village, they found Drisor's former cabin. After entering and searching it, the Jedi found a list of planets, which they concluded could be his choices of possible hiding spots. The list contained planets such as Savareen, Baraan-Fa, Orto Plutonia and Velusia.

A continuous journey

Subsequently, Ayjeb traveled around the galaxy picking up clues of Frahon's whereabouts for a year. Their adventures included being pursued by anti-Jedi fanatics in the desert of Ng'hadaki, getting caught in the middle of a riot in Citrivoa and escaping a mutiny in a pirate ship departing from Golaur.

The search's end

After following Drisor's footsteps, Ayjeb finally found him on the uninhabited planet Himodrin, in the Mid Rim. He was shocked that anyone could find him, but was thankful it wasn't the Empire. He let Ayjeb in and they told him everything that had happened, especially the part about the Eddan. Drisor was visibly saddened by his lover's fall to the dark side of the Force, but was willing to help in whatever way he could. So, Ayjeb told him their plan, which consisted of: leaking their location to the Empire, getting captured on purpose, being taken to Fortress Inquisitorious and there helping bring Eddan back to the light and starting a revolt on Fortress Inquisitorious. Drisor was not very happy with the plan, as it was very dangerous, but agreed to it and actually helped make it better - in order to mask Ayjeb's presence on Hmodrin, they would move them and their ship to another part of the planet and only Drisor would leak his location, for his words and his presence would be more effective in bringing Eddan back. Ayjeb would help get them out of the Fortress once the plan was concluded.

Saving Eddan

(Main article: Escape from Fortress Inquisitorious)

After Drisor's capture, Ayjeb took the Voorie to Tosste, a planet near the Mustafar system, where they waited for Drisor's signal. Upon getting it, they rapidly went to Nur to pick Eddan and Drisor up. They also brought a former Jedi with them, Barriss Offee, who was being held in the Fortress. Although they did not cause the havoc they thought they would, Drisor managed to reverse Eddan's turn and they started an official relationship, since they were allowed to because of the Jedi Order's dissolvement.

As they were searching for a new hiding place, Barriss revealed to the rest of the people on the Voorie that, while she was imprisoned, she was thinking of a plan to assassinate Vader and weaken the Empire. The crew believed it was too risky and that they should at least wait for the Empire itself to weaken itself on its own. They regarded the plans as a possibility.

Forced landing

Eventually, the planet Kepsooine was chosen for the new hideout and Ayjeb set a course to it. However, only when they were already on their way, they realized that the fuel chamber had been damaged in their escape, so they had to stop at the nearest planet. Unluckily for them, the nearest planet was Arkanis, one of the Empire's main worlds. Since they had no fuel to reach anywhere else, they carefully landed on Scaparus Port to fuel up as quickly as possible, with Eddan, Drisor and Barriss hiding in a hidden compartment in the ship's floor.

As an Imperial officer entered to inspect the ship, he asked Ayjeb various questions, about why they were on Arkanis, where they were before and where they were going. Posing as her alter ego Truena, they answered that they were on their way to Molavar to help a moving restaurant. After dodging various accusations with credible answers, they were granted permission to fuel up and head to Molavar.

The mysterious agent

When Ayjeb was buying the fuel, she overheard a few stormtroopers talk about a supposed "Project Harvester" and an undercover rebel agent dressed as a civilian saw that they were paying attention to their conversation. He came up to them and asked if they were curious about it and told them all he knew about it, that they captured young children to train in the dark side of the Force. He also said that if they wanted to do some business, they could contact him, giving them a small communicator.

When they came back to the ship, they told the rest of the crew about the supposed rebel agent. The crew had mixed feelings about it, but Barriss recognized it as a possible advance for her plan. So, as soon as they get to Kepsooine, they communicate with the agent and he tells them to find him on the planet Telerath.

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