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Axlin Ceptor was a Moff of the Sith Empire who was captured by the Galactic Republic and became a collaborator, becoming the leader of the Imperial government-in-exile.


Early career

Before he became a Republic collaborator, he had a distinguished career as a skilled soldier and officer.
Darth Rictus, Dark Councilor of the Sphere of Mysteries

Ceptor was born on Dromund Kaas at some point before the beginning of the Great Galactic War. He was not from any important family with traditions, as many high-ranking Imperials were, but from a middle class family with no ties to the upper echelons of the Sith Empire. The young Ceptor was determine to change that. Joining the Imperial Military, he fought in the Great Galactic War since its first days. The young officer rose trough the ranks and fought at Sluis Van, in the Minos Cluster, and at Begeren. He took part in the fighting as a member of the Aurek Battalion during the invasion of Begeren, and was promoted to the rank of major for bravery. By 3,660 BBY, Ceptor had reached the rank of Moff in the Empire, one of the highest positions that non-Force-sensitive Imperials could attain.

Captured by the Republic

Head of the "legitimate" government

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

The character is based on a canonical one, Ceptor, a Moff that was mentioned in The Old Republic. The author decided to expand on that character by using him for his government-in-exile story line.

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