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Axelia Solios
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Date of Birth

114 ABY

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Mostly Human




1.78 meters (5'10")

Hair Color

Dark brown

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Date of Recruitment

147 ABY

Date of Commissioning

147 ABY

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Axelia Solios was a mostly-Human female Imperial Knight who became a Centurion, the younger sister of Jedi Knight Mirum Solios and the elder sister of Jarek Solios.



Axelia was born on Coruscant in 114 ABY, after her brother Mirum had already joined the Jedi. She lived with her parents for the first three years of her life, but when they died in a speeder crash, she and her baby brother Jarek went to live with their grandmother, Andromeda Keane. Through the subtle machinations of Jedi Master Hayden Ragnos-Sakaros, Mirum was allowed to stay in contact with his birth family, and Axelia dreamed of becoming a Force trainee as well. However, her grandmother was uncertain about turning a second grandchild over to the Jedi Order, even with her cousin Hayden to watch out for her.

The point became moot when Roan Fel made a diplomatic visit to Coruscant in 120 ABY, and two of his Imperial Knights noticed Axelia and offered for her to join them. Attracted by their skill and shiny red armor, Axelia pleaded with her grandmother to be allowed to go, and eventually Andromeda conceded. Axelia went to Bastion to train with the Imperial Knights.

Imperial Knight

Inculcated with a deep desire to serve Roan Fel and the Empire, Axelia became an outspoken advocate of the Empire and its programs. She maintained contact with her family, and had a friendly rivalry with her brother Mirum as both trained to become Knights of their respective Orders. When the Sith-Imperial War broke out, Axelia was relieved that Roan Fel ordered his Knights to remain out of the conflict, as she dreaded the idea of having to fight her own brother. A distant descendant of the Sith species, she was less concerned about the Empire's alliance with the One Sith than most of her fellow Knights.

Her feelings changed completely in 130 ABY. Mere days after the end of the war, the Jedi sanctuary on Ossus was attacked, and both Mirum and Axelia's elder cousin Hayden were killed by the Sith. Beside herself with grief and anger, her master had to restrain her from attacking the Empire's Sith "allies". But the alliance was short-lived, as the One Sith attacked what they believed to be Roan Fel, too, betraying the Empire and usurping the throne. Axelia barely had time to visit Andromeda and Jarek and warn them what had happened before she fled Coruscant with the rest of the Imperial Knights.

The True Empire spent the following seven years attacking Krayt's forces. At some point during that time, Axelia became a full Imperial Knight. In 134 ABY, she was sent on a classified mission into the borderlands between Wild Space and the Unknown Regions at the personal direction of Roan Fel. Neither Axelia nor the two Knights who accompanied her returned.

The long mission

In 135 ABY, Jarek Solios was traveling in Fel's territory and crossed paths with an Imperial Knight, who told him the very basics of Axelia's disappearance. Though trying at the time to earn enough money to pay for his grandmother's medical treatment, Jarek began to nurse an obsession with finding his sister. Even when he moved to Nar Shaddaa and joined the Merquise Syndicate, the desire remained ever in the back of his mind. Feeling bound to his sister through the Force, Jarek remained convinced that she was not dead.

Axelia and her companions were sent into what had once been the Empire of the Hand, trying to find additional resources for Fel's Empire. Their quest went wrong almost immediately, as they were attacked by Blazing Chain. Their ship was taken as a prize and the three Knights captured. Though they escaped shortly thereafter, killing their captors and seizing the pirate ship, the Knights had lost their own navicomputer, and with it their way back to the Empire.

A series of misadventures plagued the companions as they journeyed through the Unknown Regions. They fought against the Vagaari after accidentally landing on a world held by the Vagaari Empire, and one of the Knights was killed, leaving Axelia and Tarash Grainer to continue their mission alone.


In 146 ABY, Axelia and Tarash managed to escape a predatory species of aliens, but their ship was badly damaged and its hyperdrive gave out shortly after their escape. They crash-landed on Kachee and were captured by the Dark Jedi Shalach Hal-Razab after a brief fight.

Hal-Razab took the Knights back to his castle to interrogate them. He had been out of contact with the known galaxy for decades, and possessed an almost childlike curiosity about what had transpired in his absence. Between bouts of torturous questioning, he tried to recruit the Knights to become his disciples, though both resisted. The native Yarowai, whom Hal-Razab had enslaved, sometimes tried to help the imprisoned Knights, although Hal-Razab's public and painful execution of two Yarowai he caught at it put an end to most of their generosity.

Though they had been nominally working at Roan Fel's command for over a decade, Axelia and Tarash began to grumble about the Empire and its failure to even look for them, let alone rescue them. Both wondered whether it would even be worth returning to the Empire if they had the means. They also relied on one another for strength and support, developing a close bond to sustain them through their experience.

Blood is thicker than water

The Knights were not imprisoned for long. In 147 ABY, they sensed a battle above them in the castle, although Hal-Razab prevailed, killing one of the invaders and forcing the other to flee. Barely a week passed, however, before more rescuers showed up. Vem and Aria Nikina broke the surprised Knights out of their cell, escorting them out of the fortress. All four watched in awe as Hal-Razab and Te`net Organi fought a duel, bringing down the castle and part of the mountain on which it had been built.

Axelia and Tarash were brought before Axelia's cousin, Rin Sakaros. Though Rin was very clear that she could not allow them to return to the known galaxy with their knowledge of the Golden Empire, she offered them sanctuary in the Empire. With the news that the One Sith had been defeated without them, Roan Fel had died, and the Empire had joined into the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, neither Knight had much desire to return anyway. Seeking an end to what he viewed as a career of now-pointless fighting, Tarash retired as a private citizen of the Empire.

Axeila, however, remembered the stories of Rin her grandmother had told her as a child, and was very grateful to her cousin for rescuing her. Rather than following Tarash's lead, she asked to be admitted to the Order of Keltrayu. Despite her brief exposure to them, she had developed great respect for the Centurions she had seen, both their concern for the injured Te`net and the reverence with which they treated the remains of Khoro as they transported him back to the Empire. Rin approved Axelia's commissioning and implanted Orhyo into her mind to allow her to begin serving immediately.

Centurion service

Rin had connected with Jarek, too, and the siblings were quickly reunited in the Empire. Axelia was thrilled to see her little brother, amazed at how much he had changed and matured, and deeply touched that it was his request that had compelled Rin to find her. She was excited to meet Jarek's wife Alluria Solios and her niece Octavia. She was assigned to help her new siblings in the Order integrate Praetoria Vonil and Praetoria Ishu into their combat techniques and thus spent much of her time in the Citadel.

In 148 ABY, Alluria and Odala Kass`l were captured by Darth Nihl's agents. Axelia was among the Centurions who joined Rin in attempting to rescue the women from the Dark Force Temple on Dromund Kaas. She and Aria dueled and killed Darth Maladi, but though Jarek and Reiko Kaytana saved Alluria, Odala succumbed to Maladi's poison.

During the Nightmare War, Axelia was assigned to the Romasi Sector Fleet. She fought side-by-side with Luna Raquelsei during the Battle of Keliso, and the two women witnessed the first deployment of the Anzat hounds. Axelia realized the Sith alchemy at work and assumed her cousin Rin was responsible for the creation of the Sithspawn, though she was impressed at their efficiency.

Present during the Battle of Quadia, Axelia, Luna, and Selish Anteran all fought a duel with the Dark Jedi Tirj while confronting a group of Vyrak clones. Axelia disarmed him by slamming her cortosis gauntlets on his lightsaber blade. She was knocked out of the fight immediately afterward, as Tirj threw himself back on her. Her armor protected her torso from his weight, but her elbow caught in the street and her palm against his back, and her arm snapped cleanly in the forearm. She was medevaced back to the fleet and treated with bacta, which healed her arm quickly.

Expert instructor

Immediately after the Nightmare War, Axelia spent much of her time in investigative work. Because her fellow Humans Breek Zagrev and Aria Nikina were both famous war heroes (with distinctive eye injuries), Axelia was the only Human Centurion left for undercover work. She was operating in the former Vagaari Empire when the Convarion captured Tyrael Reznik, and was the Centurion assigned to take charge of the dangerous Matukai. In 151 ABY, however, she was given a new assignment.

At the 151 Consular Assembly, Rin formally authorized the Household Guard. However, because she wanted Guards trained from birth, it would be decades before the first unit was ready for deployment. As such, Rin called in specialists to devise the training regimen for the unit. Due to her experience as an Imperial Knight, Rin felt Axelia could offer a unique perspective, and appointed her cousin one of the advisors to develop the Guard. On Axelia's advice, Rin hired Tarash Grainer to the same duty.

While serving together, Axelia and Tarash began to realize their bond went deeper than mere camaraderie, beyond even a Force-bond. Side-by-side again, each recognized the relief in the other's presence they had been missing. Though they remained professional and committed while at work, they began a relationship in their private time, and moved in together in 152 ABY. Axelia gave birth to their daughter Athena the next year.

On Quadia, Axelia reconnected with Tyrael Reznik, who was part-Qua and had moved there, establishing a relationship with a female Qua named Cecilia. They had a son, Mikale, of whom Tyrael was very protective, having lost his first family to violence. He resisted growing close to Axelia, though Mikale enjoyed playing with Athena; Tyrael feared, rightly, that Axelia wanted to recruit Mikale for the Order of Keltrayu. The two families became close over the following years, and in the end Tyrael finally bowed to Cecilia and Mikale's requests and let his son join the Order in 158 ABY.

Powers and abilities

Like all Imperial Knights, Axelia was well-trained to use the Force in combat. She was proficient in the Imperial Knight forms of Praetoria Vonil and Praetoria Ishu, and was more comfortable fighting with a group of allies than alone. At the time of her disappearance in 134 ABY, she was a relatively young Knight and had not fully mastered her various skills. She refined her skills with her two comrades, and continued to improve when she joined the Order of Keltrayu. When forced to fight alone, she preferred Form V.

Having joined the Order late in life, Axelia did not possess the in-depth training in telekinesis and telepathy her siblings had. However, she had a finely honed danger sense from her time as a Knight and extensive practical experience in combat, which enabled her to thrive as a front-line warrior during the Nightmare War.

Appearance and personality

Like her siblings, Axelia had brown hair, though it was a darker shade than either of her brothers'. She had blue eyes, though lighter than her brother Jarek's, and stood 1.78 meters (5'10") tall. As an Imperial Knight, she wore the same armor and carried the same silver-bladed lightsaber as all her comrades. When she became a Centurion, she created a new lightsaber with a green blade, as an homage to Mirum.

Axelia had a competitve and occasionally aggressive personality, and was zealous in defense of friends and allies. Unlike many Imperial Knights, she had a fairly high regard for the Jedi Order, since her brother and cousin were among its ranks. Nevertheless, she felt the Imperial Knights had superior discipline and that the Empire could achieve more than the Galactic Alliance. She had an absolute contempt and active hatred for the One Sith, due to their murder of her brother and efforts to kill Roan Fel.

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