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No. I am your father!

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If I die, at least I've died with my people.
—Senator Awa Moonflower[src]

Awa Moonflower was a Human female who served as Senator from the Seswenna sector in the years leading up to the Seswenna Security Crisis. She was among the first casualties of the catastrophe.


Early career

No, I really don't hate my life. I'd just never wish it upon anybody. No one deserves what my father did.
—Awa Moonflower[src]

Moonflower was born 736 BBY on Seswenna to Senator Jinn Moonflower and his wife. Raised in a political family, she was selected to be senator from a young age and succeeded her father, upon his retirement, at the age of 19. Her father was verbally cruel to the young Moonflower when she disappointed him, and it was suspected years later that she even endured physical abuse. In the two years prior to Jinn Moonflower's retirement, the young seventeen-year old Moonflower was chosen as a representative under her father's tutelage. He forced her into politically awkward situations and worked her diligently, even to the point of verbal abuse, to goad the young girl into acting as he had. He fought to instill his beliefs and motivations into her, and her then-malleable personality adapted.

Once she became senator herself, the expectations of her father loomed even stronger. Young and inexperienced, Moonflower attempted to act brashly and in a savvy manner, but it was too out of personality. She suffered from self-imposed malnutrition and sleep deprivation as she put all her effort into living up to her father's legacy. As the political situation in the sector deteriorated, she too fell ill and quickly retreated to the background of the political scene. Quietly lurking behind the scenes immediately thereafter, she was found most often voting with large blocs and being susceptible to strong-arming politicos.

As Moonflower matured, however, she began to slowly embrace Seswenna's diverse xenographic heritage and allied herself with autonomists and anti–Core-power-mongers. By 707 BBY, she had become a stable entity in politics, being one of the senators whose career vaulted with the defeat of SB 292R-0173Y8 and the exposure of corruption within Core world factions. Nevertheless, Moonflower was not the public face of the "new guard" in the Senate and quietly went about her business, although she did become a member of the informal faction, the Probitas pro populus. She remained largely behind the scenes when Anwis Eddicus was elected to replace Rosock Mekosk in 704 BBY, but she was also one of his strongest advocates. Even during this time, however, she never fully overcame her insecurities and the manic behaviors that stemmed from them.

Seswenna Security Crisis

Despite being very popular among residents of Seswenna, the Human population of Eriadu generally despised Moonflower. In 703 BBY, she began receiving death threats from Eriaduan radicals. Keeping it confidential at first, she quietly assumed that she was performing poorly as the sector's senator. With the death of Hanik Regueny and the subsequent investigation, she decided it best to tell her acquaintance, Alta Eddicus, of the threats. Aware of the situation, Alta Eddicus reported this to the Governmental Investigative Network Special Agent Evening Delwynn, who was in charge of the Regueny investigation. Rather than to risk Moonflower's life, she was placed under Jedi protection on her homeworld of Seswenna. Jedi Knights Fay and T'dal were assigned the task of protecting Moonflower. Fay was relieved of command by Grand Master m'Ord Vinka, however. The protection ultimately failed, and Moonflower was killed in the catastrophe that enveloped her homeworld.[1]

Personality and traits

Sometimes, she seems like a walking ghost.
Alta Eddicus[src]

Raised in a political household, Moonflower was exposed early to the political lifestyle. She was selected to succeed her father, upon his retirement, and filled the position for many years. Nevertheless, Moonflower was quiet and shy to the public. She never felt that she had fully earned the respect of the Seswenna peoples and overcompensated by voting for any measure that was popular among her homeworld. When she was threatened by Eriaduan radicals, she lamented that she had not fully served her sector. Instead, however, her staunch openness to xenographic diversity was the reason for her threats; but the self-questioning senator nonetheless blamed herself. This struggled fed her growing paranoia, and it began to effect her physically. By the time she was under Jedi protection, her face was most often flush and fearful.[1]

Behind the scenes

Awa Moonflower makes her first appearance in the Golden Age of the Republic series novel Secret Agendas. Her role in the novel, while minor in amount, is significant to the overall trajectory of the story arc.[1] She will receive an appearance in the upcoming Fact File.[2]



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