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Golden Age of the Republic

Avar Zranik was a criminal-turned-entrepreneur from Eriadu and a leading conspirator behind the Seswenna Security Crisis.


Zranik was a Human male that had been born into a family in a remote part of the Republic. As a result, his existence and early life were largely undocumented. By his early thirties, however, Zranik had moved to the Core and began to associate with mercenaries that crossed paths with the inner planetary systems. In 286 ARR (714 BBY), Zranik teamed up with two others and participated in a series of heists on major bank offices across the Core Worlds. The thieves were never caught, as their identities were entirely unknown. The heist on Brentaal V was the first that involved the death of a hostage, although it was never apparent which of the criminals shot the Falleen male. The Alsakan heist, however, proved to be the most fatal. Seven beings inside the bank were executed in the scuffle and Zranik launched rockets at any incoming and outgoing vehicle that was spotted. His errant firing killed five police officers and Shmuel and Mally Delwynn, husband and daughter of Governmental Investigative Network Special Agent Evening Delwynn. Agent Delwynn vowed justice and took the case on personally as a side project. With the net earnings from all the heists totaling in the hundreds of millions of credits even after being split three ways, the thieves went underground and were not captured.

A few years later, Zranik resurfaced, having increased his wealth even more and founded a shipping and materials trading company on the Outer Rim world of Eriadu. He quickly rose to prominence in the socio-political ranks on the planet as well, running in circles reserved for the most wealthy and powerful. He befriended B'Rhea, a political radical Human male that was attempting to usurp the power on Eriadu from the Arrain Makila political faction. Zranik and Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises supported B'Rhea and ultimately his Mint Revolution, which culminated with the execution of political foe Casei Solus in 295 ARR. Zranik had longstanding contacts with Hazar Tordana, the owner of Czerka Arms, and the Commerce Guild. It was said during this time that Zranik even had allies in the Jedi Order, although this was never proven.

With his economic connections, political allies, and radical beliefs, he became one of the people behind the conspiracy that evolved into the Seswenna Security Crisis. Originally, the intent was to continue the unsettling of the Seswenna sector and the diminution of Seswenna in importance. Seeing as only dramatic acts were needed, a set of political killings and the unleashing of a plague were determined to be the best course of action. As members of the Dark Moon syndicate were conscripted, Zranik began funneling money through the unsuspecting financier Catiene Gallien and carefully used Senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor to put things in motion. When Regueny stumbled onto the plan, however, he was executed on Eriadu during an EIE convention with Zranik present in the room.

Zranik's identity was revealed when Agent Delwynn spotted Zranik on Eriadu during the then–kidnapping case of Senator Regueny. She recognized him as the man who had fired the rocket at her family's speeder eleven years prior. Delwynn revealed this to her team and vowed once agian to bring the man to justice. A pursuit began of collecting evidence and attempting to track down the allusive Zranik's position. Other than appearing with B'Rhea for a couple of political speeches, he largely secluded himself to EIE property across the planet. From these locations, he gave out orders to his hired hands. Delwynn eventually tracked Zranik to one of the warehouses on the fringes of Eriadu City. Raiding the facility, the two confronted each other, but Zranik escaped after having taunted Delwynn to the point where she hesitated in acting and his guards were able to recover their position.


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