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I'm an archaeologist. The traditional robes are poorly suited for crawling through caves. Do not be concerned, my beliefs are strong and true.
—Aurora Gravityfighter

Aurora Gravityfighter was a Twi'lek female Jedi Knight, who was skilled at using the Force. She wielded a training lightsaber.


Early life

I am now a Jedi Knight.
—Aurora Gravityfighter

Gravityfighter was rescued from Ryloth by a Jedi posing as a slave trader and afterward became a skilled warrior and an archaeologist. She began learning the ways of the Force and eventually attained the rank of a Jedi Knight after completing her trials. The construction of her own lightsaber was a turning point for Aurora that gave her life new meaning and direction.

Personality and traits

Aurora followed her father in believing that those who need help should not be turned away. She was not afraid to speak up and ask questions when curious about something.

Powers and abilities

Aurora Gravityfighter was a practitioner of the fourth form of lightsaber combat, wielding it against the stormtroopers during the Battle of Hoth.

Behind the scenes

Aurora Gravityfighter was created by Mika Shion for her series, Master and Apprentice, Aurora was one of the central Jedi protagonists, The other being Sharwyn Skywalker.

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