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Auren Kros was a female Mandalorian scout, born on Concordia, who was brought up within the warrior culture of Mandalore and selected to be a cadet at the Imperial Academy in Sundari. An explorer at heart she learned from, but resisted becoming, what her culture and the Imperial administration wanted her to become- a soldier. She had dreamed of joining the Survey Corps and as it became clearer that something worse was planned for her, she fled with her brother Tomax. With some help, both siblings were able to slip off planet and make it to Hutt Space. While her brother settled down, she kept on the move and worked exploration contracts into Wild Space.


Early life

Auren Kros was the sister of Tomax Kros and a member of Clan Kros, House Kryze. Her parents fought during the Clone Wars with the Shadow Collective and after the conflict lived with their children in the Mandalore system for a short time. Both her parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and Auren and Tomax were sent to the Sundari Mandalorian school to be looked after.

She attended the Imperial Academy and showed great aptitude as an outdoorswoman and cartographer, but the insistence of her instructors that she be unquestioning and uncritical of the Empire pushed her towards deserting. With the help of a symapthetic Imperial officer she was able to slip out of the Academy, find her brother, and stow-away to leave Sundari.

Arriving in Hutt Space, Auren looked to find suitable work that would support both her and her brother. She picked the planet Orondia as a quiet place to lay low.

Age of the Empire

Wild Space

The Hutt Sutha hired Auren on as a hyperspace trailblazer, and demanded new astrogation data constantly. While the Hutt was happy with the results she quickly found out that Auren had run away from the Empire, and threatened to turn her and her brother over to the next Imperial patrol as a way of creating an 'incentive' to stay loyal and productive.

Auren would typically work around Kessel and further out at the borders to Wild Space finding detours or temporary safe spaces for Hutt smugglers. When exploring Auren competed against legitimate intersterllar scouts, and when they encountered her in a system they would send out an alert signal for the nearest star patrol to scare her off. Kros built up a rivalry with the Pantoran explorer Fira Sipal as the two had a habit of crossing paths in uncharted space, but never seemed to find one another when back in Hutt Space to settle the score.

The wreck of Albarrio XI

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