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Though bear in mind, Nero, that a form is more than just a way of moving a blade. It extends much further; it is a philosophy as well. The forms that a Jedi learns speaks volumes of his disposition, his goals and his dreams.―Augustus to Nero di Lacrima[src]

Augustus Primus Leonus was a male Human Jedi Master who served as the Battle Master and a Jedi High Council member of the New Jedi Order just prior to the Third Galactic Civil War. Years before the war, he and Elkaid rescued a boy from Lacrima. During the eve of the war, he resigned as Battle Master following a vote of no confidence against Grand Master Beric Kanasur and Prime Envoy Bacilla Kane, the former of whom was a close friend of Leonus.

Augustus learned that Beric had fallen to the Dark Side temporarily after his resignation and went to find him. After a year of fruitless searching, Nero di Lacrima joined Augustus on his search for the former Grandmaster. On Eriadu, they located Beric. Together, the trio sought out to hunt down the man they believed was Jhon Cordatus.


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