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The assassination attempt on the Lord Emperor was a mission carried out by the Sith Lord Darth Colak and with help from Shadow Councilors Darth Vilia and Darth Malign to eliminate the Lord Emperor, the Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor of the Sith Empire.


Darth Malign came back to the world of Balstros from a meeting with the Monarch of Bohan, the capital of the Sith Empire looking for Darth Vilia, another member of the Shadow Council. He also came into contact with the Emperor's Rage Darth Colak, a Sith Lord who came to believe that the Emperor might likely bring about the destruction of the Sith species. With that in mind, Colak agreed to join the conspiracy with Malign and Vilia to stop the Emperor. A member of Darth Amaas security appeared to the Lord Emperor, and informed him of Amaas's treachery against him, in collusion with some of the other members of the Council. The Emperor dealt with the conspiracy by massacring the entire Council, sparking off a series of riots in Clou City. Colak, Malign and Vilia shocked that the Emperor killed all the council personally, but took the advantage of the diversion provided by the riots to infiltrate the Imperial Citadel and try to assassinate the Dark Lord. Darth Colak couldn't use his mass resources, even though he was leader of the Grand Military, he knew it was pointless since their true loyalty was to their Emperor.

The Battle

When the group approached the Citadel, they were greeted by half a dozen Imperial Guardsmen; however, Colak persuaded them to let the group in and take them to just outside the throne room. Right before the Guardsmen were to open the doors to the room, and let them inside, Emperor's Shield appeared and told them that only Colak was allowed inside. When one of the Guardsmen pulled Malign away from the doors, the Shield saw his distinctive face and realized who he was. Malign stunned the soldier who grabbed him with a kick. At the same time, Vilia took on two of the Guardsmen while Colak fought their leader. When an alarm was triggered by one of the other soldiers, Malign telekinetically threw the doors wide open. When one of the Guardsmen tried to stop Malign from entering the throne room, he leapt and somersaulted over the soldier, then tried to send him flying with the Force, only staggering him half a step because he was able to draw on the Emperor's power to augment himself. He feinted with a high chop, and when the Guard went to protect his legs, Malign slashed him across the throat.

Confrontation with the Emperor

Colak entered the room, while Malign and Vilia battled the guards outside. When a half dozen more Guards appeared, Colak ripped the stone archway above them free with the Force, causing them to fall back, enabling Colak and the others to enter the throne room, closing and sealing the doors, while Colak engaged the Emperor, and Malign and Vilia held off the Shield and his Guards. Malign slew one Guard with a slash to the chest, then he beheaded another, while Vilia took out both her opponents. While that was happening, the Emperor sent Colak flying backward with a telekinetic push. Then the Emperor tried to bring Colak under his control; however, Colak opened himself up to Dark Side, and released the Force energy in its purest form, sending the Emperor backward. Colak charged towards him; however, he sent a bolt of Force lightning, which Colak blocked with his lightsaber. The Emperor then sent three more bolts, the first Colak deflected, the second he dodged, and the last he batted back towards the Emperor, striking him in the chest. Enraged, the Emperor unleashed a barrage of lightning, which Colak tried to draw in and contain, but the Emperor was too powerful, and Colak was badly burned. Vilia came to Colak's aid by shooting a bolt of lightning, which caused the Emperor to stop blasting Colak with lightning in order to shield himself. The Emperor retaliated by blasting Vilia to a husk. He then picked up Colak's lightsaber and planned to kill him with it; however, Malign saved him by throwing his own saber and knocking it out of the Emperor's hands. Malign was defending himself from the Emperor's bodyguard and but was losing the fight, Malign was slain by him. The Emperor was triumphant and with Colak too weak by the Emperor's lightning storm, the Emperor once again dominated his mind, torturing him and Colak begged his life to end quickly. The Emperor wanted him to suffer a pain like no other and summoned a small black hole from inside Colak's body, the Emperor took great pleasure in Colak's pain as he was slowly being sucked in by the black hole, Colak died screaming in agonizing pain.


Though the Emperor had eternal life, the assassination attempt realised that he was not invulnerable. The Emperor took precautions and created the position of the Emperor's Echo, which allowed him to transfer his spirit from body to body in order to protect is true body from harm.

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