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Let them try to stop us!Aÿisha Remy[src]

In 1,011 ABY, the Galactic Empire began final preparations for launching a war against the Galactic Alliance and New Jedi Order. Using defense intelligence given by Grand Master Beric Kanasur and Battle Master Augustus Primus Leonus, who had fallen to the dark side, the Sith planned to attack and destroy The Will of the Force, the Jedi flagship, in orbit of Tython.

To prepare for the attack, the Sith acquired five StealthX starfighters and transported them to the Tython system. When the attack was underway, the vessel’s engines, shields, hangar bay, and command deck were all bombarded with shadow bombs. The resulting damaged caused the vessel to explode, killing numerous Jedi crewmembers while others escaped in emergency pods.

The Alliance and Jedi were caught off guard by the attack. Interim Chief of State Jhon Cordatus asked that the Galactic Congress declare a state of war against the Empire, which the Congress did. The Empire, which used its intelligence agency to deny blame by using propaganda, decried what it called the aggression of the Jedi and also formally declared war. These declarations marked the formal beginning of the Third Galactic Civil War.


In 1,011 ABY, nine years of the Sith returned from a centuries-long exile and overthrow the Galactic Emperor to take control of the Galactic Empire, the Sith began to officially plan for a war effort against the Galactic Alliance and New Jedi Order. The fall of Jedi Grand Master Beric Kanasur and Battle Master Augustus Primus Leonus to the dark side of the Force afforded the Sith the critical defense and intelligence information about the Jedi and Jedi locales. One of these Jedi locations was for its flagship, The Will of the Force, for which the Empire was able to learn of its defense systems.

The Sith chose to begin its war effort against the Alliance by attacking and destroying The Will of the Force while it was in orbit of Tython, the central planet of the New Jedi Order. To prepare for the attack, Imperial Grand Vizer Barack Mercer had a group of StealthX starfighters commissioned for use by the Sith strike force that would carry out the assault.[4] Handling of the fighters was contracted out to Traask Nadill, who would use his vessel to ferry the StealthX starfighters to Tython.[5]

The attack

I'll attack the shield generators as planned! Avoid my flight path!Xesyr begins the attack on The Will of the Force[src]

Arriving near Tython, the five StealthX starfighters carrying out the attack were unloaded from Nadill's ship and waited for a signal from Darth Silentius to order them to begin the raid. When the signal came, the starfighters use their stealth technology to sneak up on The Will of the Force in orbit of Tython and carry out a quick surgical strike against key areas of the vessel. The first pilot, Xesyr, attacked the shield generators, allowing the rest of the strike force to carry out their attacks.[1]


The Will of the Force in a previous conflict.

The shields were damaged as a result of Xesyr's attacks, and the remainder of the pilots carried out their missions. Aÿisha Remy, a former Jedi who had turned to the dark side of the Force, attacked the main hangar bay, while Varek Rayth fired a missile at the vessel's command deck. Meanwhile, Darth Silentius fired upon The Will of the Force's engines, while Ruthric Segra launched a second volley at the shield generators.[1]

As a result of the Sith attacks, the vessel sustained heavy damage, though its crew attempted to fight back. Their attempts proved unsuccessful, however, as the damage to the ship was critical. In its final moments, the engine reactors overloaded and the vessel exploded, while the Sith fighters retreated to a safe distance so as to not be destroyed in the debris field. A number of Jedi were able to escape on emergency escape pods, though some were destroyed in the explosion of the vessel.[1]


If you cherish civilization and peace, stand with us.―Interim Chief of State Jhon Cordatus, declaring war on the Empire[src]

The destruction of The Will of the Force caught the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance off guard, as they were not expecting such an attack so deep in Alliance territory. The interim Chief of State of the Alliance at the time, Jedi Sage Master Jhon Cordatus, conferred with military advisers and the Jedi High Council, and they determined that the attack on the flagship had constituted an act of war. Cordatus called an emergency session of the Galactic Congress and asked that Congress declare war against the Empire, a request that the Congress approved. The declaration of war formally began the Third Galactic Civil War.[2]

In response to the Congressional declaration of war, the Sith launched a propaganda campaign to deflect blame for the attack away from the Empire. The Sith had Ubiqtorate, the Imperial central intelligence agency, record a HoloNet message claiming to be a group unaffiliated with the Empire and that they, not the Sith, had attacked The Will of the Force.[6] With that message released to the galaxy, the Galactic Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Exodeus, officially denied any involvement by the Empire in the attack and claimed that the Alliance was unjustly using the vessel’s destruction to launch a war of aggression against the Empire. He in turn declared war against the Alliance and the Jedi, and he reconstituted the Empire into the New Sith Imperium.[3]

The war continued on after the trading of war declarations between the two sides. Shortly after the vessel’s destruction, Cordatus signed an executive order authorizing the transfer of an Alliance vessel to Jedi command as a new flagship, which was named the Light of the Force.[7] The attack on The Will of the Force also proved to be only the first of bombings against Jedi bases; Aÿisha Remy later planted a bomb in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, which destroyed the temple, killed three members of the Jedi High Council and hundreds if not thousands of other Jedi.[8]

Behind the scenes

The attack on The Will of the Force was a role-playing event in Star Wars Legacies, the fifth role-playing timeline on TheStarWarsRP.Com. The event was role-played between October 20 and October 24, 2011, and included the members Xenomorph, Rev, Mars, Sreeya, Zach, and Denzein; while Denzein role-played the Jedi side, specifically the destruction of the vessel, the other participants each role-played a pilot carrying out a specific mission in the attack.

When the event was complete, it was used as a means to formally begin the Third Galactic Civil War, the central conflict of the timeline; prior to the attack, there had only been a few minor battles, but no formal declaration of war. It was decided that, unlike previous timelines where the dark side-oriented faction declared war first, the Alliance, with its Jedi leader, would make the formal declaration of war against the Empire. This was then used to create the propaganda threads where the Sith denied involvement, as well as the reconstitution of the Empire.


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