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Atross was a Togorian mercenary. A trained Mandalorian supercommando, he was specialized on explosives and heavy ordnance, known for his professionalism. He was active under the Empire, the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance, and fought alongside Boba Fett and fellow Mandalorian commandos in the Yuuzhan Vong war.


Atross grew up in a small Mandalorian community on Aargonar, where he was raised by his Togorian parents in Clan Angantire. When this desolate planet got to feel the full brunt of the Clone Wars, however, their clan moved to Concord Dawn. Atross's early life passed without any stand-out experiences, he received the proper Mandalorian training every young Mando did, and also very successfully underwent his verd'goten. He soon found a penchant to explosives, he just loved seeing the beauty and the thunder of an explosion. Atross's joy for all things blow-stuff-up wavered, however, when one of his friends died in an accident. The friend had used to play a lot with explosives as well, and in the end, he fell prey to his dangerous games. Utterly shaken by what he had seen, Atross took action. But instead of turning away from explosives, he made himself a promise to never treat danger as a game again. From then on, he treated everything that had to do with battle, warfare, weapons and explosives in an utterly professional manner.

He was able to switch from a joyful young man to a calm and cold deliberate soldier, and that was what laid his path for his future profession. Atross chose to work as a bounty hunter and mercenary, though he chose his clients carefully. He was seldom to take jobs from criminals, and instead of a gun-for-hire he became more of a cop-for-hire, fighting for justice rather than for money.

Atross got around a lot in galaxy between his twenties and forties, in which he made a lot of friends and acquaintances, like Ronan Barec, and also enemies, such as Gladus Tite and his former stepbrother Berdan Ngajio Angantire, who had abandoned his stepfamily early on and, in Atross's eyes, had become dar'manda and sociopath.

In his early forties, Atross decided to take a break and settled down in Keldabe, Mandalore. There he also made the acquaintance of Kharritokh, a Noghri master martial artist, whose training classes Atross attended. They forged a partnership that would last for decades to come, as the two made both an unlikely and perfect team, since they complemented each other impeccably. They trained together and took on joined mercenary missions, until the start of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The two were some of the few who approved of Mandalore Boba Fett's decision to ally with the Vong, and on several occasions, the Togorian and the Noghri fought alongside the Vong in battle. But even they couldn't bear it for long, and after they had learned enough of the strengths and weaknesses of the Yuuzhan Vong in battle, they joined the brutal training regimen on Raxus Prime, to prepare for the inevitable battle against the Vong.

From the Battle of Mandalore on, the Mandalorians fought back against the Vong with furious rage and success, and they both helped in the liberation of planets like Ord Mantell, Dubrillion and Gyndine.

Physical appearance and personality traitsEdit

The Togorian mercenary was rather short for his own species, but still had an intimidating height at 2,4 meters. He had dark brown fur, mottled with graying parts and various scorch marks. Even in his late middle age, Atross was still very fit, with a very muscular and broad build. He kept his scalp and facial hair braided most of the time, and had several intricate tattoos running up his left arm, on his shoulders and on his chest.

Atross was more of a good-hearted and cozy person, which somewhat contradicted his intimidating appearance and dark sense of humor. He wasn't one to dive into the wisecracking often seen with demolition experts, and it was easy to find him likable, as he was always up for a good chatter in his low, but yet warm voice with a strong accent.

When it came to battle, however, Atross was always quick to turn dead serious, and didn't do stupidities that could compromise a job. He used his expertise with demolitions without excessive boasting. On a mission, in a fight, or while preparing for either, Atross became a deadly no-nonsense professional, who was sure to get the job done without messing up.

He regarded himself as not excessively brutal, seeing as he gave his enemies a quick, painless death through well-placed explosions, but when one was only hurt by a blast and not killed at once, Atross was faced with revulsion and gave his foe a death shot to relieve him from his agony. He just couldn't see people suffer, and thus he always had an encouraging comment up his sleeve for his friends and comrades.

The Togorian was a true expert when it came to ordnance, be it grenades, mines, detonators, projectile launchers or other kinds of charges. He relied on professionalism, calmness, tactics and strategy, and aside from his expertise in explosives, he was also a dead-on shot, especially with heavy rifles and projectile launchers. And, what comes rather natural for a Togorian, he was also a skilled hand-to-hand and melee fighter, knowing to put his size, mass and strength to best use. He had some problems with precision fire and sniping, as well as swordfighting, as he wasn't used to fight with a sword or other blades when he had his sharp claws and fangs.


Ee-23MkIII Mini-Tak

Atross's modified EE-23 'Mini-Tak' with grenade launcher

Atross wore traditional Mandalorian supercommando torso armor flak vest over a sleeveless jumpsuit, with the obligatory gadget-laden gauntlets, including miniature rocket launchers, flechette throwers, dart casters and the flamethrower, as well as bandoleers for grenades and ammunition. The armor was kept in a gray and red color scheme with stylized markings matching his tattoos. Like most Togorians, he doesn't wear any boots.

Aside from all the explosives, a heavily customized Blastech EE-23 'Mini-Tak' assault rifle with a mounted projectile launcher was his weapon of choice. As a sidearm, he used a Bluebolt blaster, modified for slugthrower capability.