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Atin Fett, born A'tin Kandosii Fett, was a Human male Mandalorian who would grow up to be one of the greatest Mandalorians to ever live.


Early Life

Born on the planet Mandalore, his father was a Mandalorian soldier who earned Mandalore's respect by surviving days alone on a forgotten Mandalorian stronghold killing waves of enemys who where trying to take control of it. Soon after that he fell in love with a fellow Mandalorian soldier who would later turn out to be the mother of his only child, Atin. At a young age Atin's parents were killed in front of his very eyes, after that he was held captive for many years. When he was ten years old he managed to escape and made his way to Nar Shaddaa aboard a starship he stole. There he quickly became famous for being a young Mandalorian bounty hunter, however when he turned thirteen he quit being a bounty hunter in order to join the Mandalorian Army when he turned fourteen. So he made his way to the planet Mandalore, where he became great friends with the Mandalore who ruled at the time, and quickly earned Mandalore's respect by his knowledge of the history of the Mandalorians and his skills in battle. It was there his legend began.

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