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Athra was a world in the Mid Rim territory. It orbited around the sun Athrae, named after the planet itself by its inhabitants. It had largely varied climate and terrain, mainly including swamplands, mountains, deserts, and mesas. It's atmosphere was breathable, and it's gravity was similar to most other colonized planets.


Athra was a site for multiple battles and missions during the Clone Wars, almost all by the 426th Brigade. It first became a place of conflict during the First Battle of Athra.

First Battle of Athra

During the first weeks of the Clone Wars, both sides were desperate for control of regions. Unfortunately, Athra was one of these locations.

A Separatist Lucrehulk-class battleship, along with a variety of lighter cruisers, was sent to act as a blockade around Athra. Fearing an invasion, a group of Athran rebels sent a vague distress call. Two jedi, A'lia Saske and Coran Andayen, were sent to investigate. Unknowing of the blockade, they were captured and brought aboard the Lucrehulk warship. Andayen was able to send a distress call to the republic, leading to a Republic fleet being sent.

The Republic and Separatist fleets battled, and, due to the tactics of Admiral Miriam Terrik, the Republic was victorious. However, the droid forces still occupied the planet. A team of clones, led by the Jedi Ria Nelari, was sent to battle. After many failed skirmishes, Nelari contacted the orbiting fleet. A large planetary assault commenced, ensuring Republic victory.

Athra would later be involved in many more conflicts between Republic and Separatist forces.

Behind the scenes

Athra will appear in the upcoming fanfiction series, Clone Wars: Liberation Brigade.

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