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Seems ideal. perfect for a home.
—Naskech Morusz

Atalak was a bountiful planet in the Inner Rim's Atalo System. It was an agriworld, covered with rich, saturated soil. It was known as a farming sanctuary, due to the pure air and bountiful harvest. Many people also referred to Atalak as "Pride of the Atal", "Farmer's Paradise", or "Luria's Twin". Its capital city was 'At-t. The Jedi Celvan frequented this planet in his early years.


The Atal weather was perfect for the planet's purpose, offering the perfect amounts of rain to bless the harvest, and enough sunlight would shine onto the surface to allow the plants to photosynthesize. Plants that grow by other means are grown in specially-designed "greenhouses" that protect the plants from the natural state of Atalak. Some plants actually require soil from their homeworld in order to grow, which is why those plants are extremely expensive.


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