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This article is about the star system. You may be looking for the star or the planet of the same name.

The Atairis System was a system in the distant Outer Rim. The sun, known as Atairis, had at least two orbiting bodies, one of which was Atairis-Deta.



The star at the centre of the Atairis System is very small and dim, not providing nearly enough heat to its orbiting planets to allow many diverse forms of animal or plant life to evolve.

First Planet in System

Though little is known about the first planet in the Atairis System, it can be assumed that it is as arid and lifeless as Atairis-Deta.


The second planet of the Atairis System is a dry arid wasteland. The planet is quite small and its upper atmosphere is polluted by thick layers of dense cloud made up of a toxic gas. The surface houses a number of densely-packed forests of tall trees and is home to some stunning mountain ranges formed during the system's early stages, but the vast majority of the land is cracked, dry and lifeless. The planet has a mostly flat surface, allowing massive cities to be built up all over the world. These cities are havens for the thousands of immigrants and refugees living in the system.


Early Population

At some time during Galactic history, the Atairis System was colonised by humans, Neimoidians, Twi'leks and many other species.

Clone Wars

Several months prior to the Separatist Crisis, the Atairis System was given the choice of staying with the Republic and losing crucial supply lines from the Trade Federation, or join th Separatists and keep the supply lines. The system's Baron Administrator, Calvaro Hyarkis, decided to stay with the Republic and requested that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine provide the system with supplies. Palpatine agreed.

However, as the Clone Wars began in 22 BBY, less than a year later, vital supply routes were cut off to allow troops and ammunition be taken to distant worlds across the galaxy. Many systems were affected, and the Atairis System was hit hardest of all.

Baron Hyarkis sent a desperate message to the Jedi Council requesting assistance. The Council dispatched Bolo Artel, who journeyed to the system and managed to reestablish trade routes between the Republic and the Atairis System.

However, Separatist forces began to invade the second planet in the system, trying to force the system to surrender and to declare themselves for the Separatists. However, Hyarkis was forced to keep fighting, and the droid forces were driven back, away from the system's capital city. This was just in time for Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi to destroy the Separatist troops, freeing the system.

However, despite the victory against the Separatists, Hyarkis declared the system for the Separatists, as he believed they would offer him the best protection of the system. Banishing the Republic forces that had saved the planet from the system, Hyarkis welcomed the Separatists with welcome arms, reopening trade routes between the Trade Federation and the system.

The system was in a strategically important position for both the Separatists and the Republic, so, as he left the system, Artel predicted that the fighting would continue for a long time yet.

Native Species


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Parassi

The Parassi were a race of bipedal, reptilian lifeforms that were native to the planet Atairis-Deta.


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Acreppo

The Acreppo were a race of camel-like beasts of burden native to the planet Atairis-Deta.

Immigrated Species


The Human population of Atairis-Deta, the second planet in the system, seemed to be the dominant power in the system, with the Human Baron Administrator controlling the entire system. The Human population, known as Atairisians, were regarded as cowards by the rest of the galaxy.


There were some Neimoidians on the planet Atairis-Deta at the time of the Clone Wars. These Neimoidians felt conflicted, torn between their allegiance to the Republic and their allegiance to their species, which had joined the Separatists. When the system joined the Separatists, however, this conflict disappeared.


There were also some Twi'leks present on Atairis-Deta during the Atairis Trade Crisis during the Clone Wars. Some made their living out of selling droid components scavenged from the lifeless wastes outside the cities.

Political System

The system was ruled by a Baron Administrator who controlled the allegiance of the system. The system was not quite a dictatorship, however; a parliament had the power to remove the Baron Administrator from office if necessary.


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