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The Atairis Trade Crisis was an event which took place between 22 BBY. The Crisis ended after the Battle of Atairis, where the system declared itself for the Separatists.


Just months before the Clone Wars, Baron Administrator Calvaro Hyarkis received a transmission from Nute Gunray, Viceroy of the Trade Federation. The Viceroy gave the system a choice; leave the Republic, or lose their trade links with the Federation. Being a system largely incapable of supporting life, the system relied heavily on trade to supply its people. Eventually, Hyarkis decided to stay with the Republic, requesting that the Republic take the place of the Federation as the system's main supplier.

The Event

As the Clone Wars began, however, routes that were previously used for supplies were used to transport troops and munitions to the front lines. With few supplies coming in, the system began to starve. Thousands of people made their way across the barren deserts of the planet to huddle in the major cities on Atairis-Deta.

Desperate, Hyarkis sent a message to the Jedi Council imploring them to send a Jedi to end their troubles. Bolo Artel was chosen to negotiate with the Baron Administrator, and, meeting with Hyarkis in Atairis-Deta's capital city, promised that supplies would come with the next Republic ships coming through that sector.


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However, in the nearby A'alla system, Techno Union official Chatt Onakkit planned to take the system. After the ensuing Battle of Atairis, Hyarkis declared the system for the Separatists and re-established supply lines with the Trade Federation. The Crisis was over, though Artel predicted that the fighting in the Ataris system would continue for many months to come.


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