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This is only the beginning of the bigger picture... And now that they know of our existence, there's only one thing we can do: begin this conquest.
—Darth Nebulous after the battle
The Assault on Korriban was a battle that took place above and on the surface of Korriban between the Sith Empire and the remnants of the new Jedi Order and New Republic. The battle marked the beginningo f the Conquest of the Sith Empire, and was considered as a warning to the galaxy from the Empire: to fear them.


The newly-formed Sith Empire had been launching small attacks on the galaxy for years, and eventually launched an attack on a district in the Coruscant underworld. This particular attack was noticed by survivors of the Jedi massacre, and the remaining Jedi and soldiers of the Republic were rallied to combat the Sith, whom had just left Coruscant for Korriban, supposedly without being noticed. Although the Empire knew that they were sighted by the Jedi, and were prepared for pursuit.

The battle

Once the Sith Empire's small force sent to Coruscant arrived in the space above Korriban, they were immediately greeted by a fleet of the rebuilt New Republic. The Empire's forces made it to the surface, and Darth Tormenus immediately boarded his starfighter and made his way to the Ravager II, which was currently in battle with the Republic's fleet. Meanwhile, Darth Nebulous, Darth Albtraum, and members of the Dark Council led the defense of the Valley of the Dark Lords. Surprisingly, the Republic appeared to wield heavy firepower, however much of it was unmatched next to the power wielded by the Sith, the powers they used to advance on the Republic's forces, and begin to gain an advantage.

In the aerial battle, Tormenus commanded the Grand Fleet against the invading forces using his own tactics that he was sure would not fail. While this was the first time he used this tactic - to constantly withdraw and replace the three flagships - it was working well. Soon, two of the three Republic flagships had been destroyed, and Tormenus himself decided to deal with the third. He once again boarded the Deathbringer and boarded the enemy flagship, destroying it from the inside, telling the fleet to concentrate fire on it as he made his escape. Debris from the Republic fleet hit his starfighter, and he plummeted to the surface below, where he ejected from his fighter and joined the ground battle.

Many Republic forces witnessed the powers of Darth Nebulous firsthand as they perished beneath him. Darth Tormenus arrived and took over command from an injured Dark Council member, Darth Mathkros, and led the assault on a group of Jedi. He slaughtered a large portion of them before one managed to catch him off guard during a short duel, and attempted to impale him in the chest. However, Tormenus' orbalisk armor saved him from death, and he quickly decapitated the Jedi as he was stunned.

Soon, the battle was won as the few remaining Republic and Jedi forces fled aboard small starships and the one remaining ship from their fleet.


Afterwards, Darth Nebulous gave the Sith Empire a speech proclaiming the beginning of their conquest. Shortly after, the construction of the Empire's great fortress on Korriban had begun, and the Empire prepared for "the bigger picture," as Nebulous was calling it.

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