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The Assault on Castle Giron was an attack on the planet Serenno that led to the Thirteenth Serennoan Civil War


After years of Count Jalrus's absolute rule of the planet Serenno, many of the other houses became jealous of his power and began plotting his overthrow and the takeover of their world. Although it was intentioned to be a bloodless coup, the rebels leader Count Angal and his allies began hiring foreign mercenaries and armed themselves for war. As the rebels prepared their move Angal was contacted by Jalrus's aide and cousin Dagron, who offered to betray Jalrus in return for control of Jalrus's House of Borzia following the rebel's takeover. Angal agreed and he prepared a team of mercenaries to attack Jalrus and his family at their stronghold in Castle Giron while Dagron promised to allow them access so they could remove them.


While Jalrus was hosting a feast for his family at the castle, Dagron gave some drugged wine to the guards on the gate which allowed him to let in Angal's mercenaries. As the mercenaries began to take out the remaining guards, a group of them headed to the main hall in order to capture Jalrus. However Jalrus's great-nephew Dooku sensed their presence and sounded the alarm and the family's bodyguard engaged the mercenaries as they approached the main hall. The mercenaries were at first repelled, but reinforcements arrived for them from the wall's where they had dealt with the guards posted there. They blew their way into the hall and in the gunfight Jalrus, his only son and his two grandchildren were killed but the guards outside had been alerted and they attacked the mercenaries from behind and they were either captured or killed in the fighting. Dagron escaped before he was captured and the remaining members of the House of Borzia were put under close guard in their rooms for their own protection.


After news of the attack reached the rebels, they instigated an uprising that left them in control of much of the planet. However Jalrus's nephew, and Dooku's father, Maran became the new reigning Count of Serenno and prepared his forces to counter this threat to his family's hold on the planet.

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