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"Theres too many of them!!" a Shadow Stealth Trooper


Millennium Republic/Jedi Federation:


CS-2300 "Beck"

Jedi high command

Strength: 32,000 Phase III clones, 12,000 jedi, Millennium Republic space command

Losses: 31,000 Clones, and 10,000 Jedi

Shadow Empire/Sith Regnant:


Moff Treo Matrix

Darth Nilock

Strength: 100,000 Shadow Troopers, 30,050 sith worriers, various droids and strike craft

Notable Duels: Gem Gem vs Darth Nilock

Result: Millennium Republic victory, Temple destroyed the Jedi are forced to Sodar VI


Before the assault The Millennium Republic were involved in a series of small wars, border conflicts, skirmishes, and arm races, all of these following events accumulates into a series of bloody conflicts known as the Jedi-Sith war.

The sith lord and lady of the dark side Darth Nilock, a native of Terron, when the Shadow Empire invaded Terrons they enslaved the Terrons and used them for deadly experiments. Nilock was one of these experiments, she was combined with an ancient sith technology. In an effort to win favor, she became the most feared military commander, and worrier. Nilock's master was the Gastian Darth Owl, they both came up with the plan to weaken the Millennium Republic, and planned to assault the Jedi stronghold of Sodar and Boa, Nilock lead a military force to Boa, while Owl lead a large military force equipped with the new Hades class droid battleships and bombard Sodar destroying the planetary shields, in responses the Jedi deployed the Mandalorian Knights (Mandalorian worriers equipped with force weaponry, and serves the Jedi, equivalent of sith stalkers/troopers) They drove Owls forces off the planet, by using force landmines which prevented Owl's troops from landing, and Used stealth-X's equipped with sonic mines. However this was a decoy allowing the most elite of the Knights to leave as a result only a handful of 100,000 Clone troopers specializing in temple defensive ops and armed with similar armor and weapons as the Mandalorian knights, and 12,000 jedi, the attack style was similar to the sacking of the jedi temple during the great hyperspace war.

3 months before the assault Shadow Stealth commandos, broke into the Boa monitoring station and shut down the planetary shielding and disable the monitoring system.Finally a month later Nilock lead a fleet of seven ships, three Terra class frigates and two Immortal class star destroyers.


Nilocks fleet arrived in the Boa system and quickly wiped out the small fleet of Pelta class frigates and Sun class Destroyers, in the system, and moped up all the survivors.

Meanwhile on the surface at the temple in the Republic colony settlement of Boru. Jedi high knight Odo Beck and his apprentice Hick were watching as three Jedi troopers teaching a class of younglings about the inerworkings of the ET-56 force edition carbine. Hick feels a disturbance, however Captain Blake, states that the monitoring station hasn't picked up anything unusual. Hick looks at the sky and and notes that it's snowing.

Meanwhile at the Monitoring station a monitor officer, noticed that the equipment seemed tampered, however his superior told him that a snow storm had occurred a month back and so that the cold weather damaged the equipment.

Meanwhile Nilock's fleet stealthily and quickly lunched hundreds of troop transports, Nilock took her personal shuttle followed by two more, they quickly entered the surface.


The monitoring station picked up three objects entering the atmosphere but mistakenly labeled them as asteroids, as a result Nilock and her minions slip past and made a b line towards the temple.

Meanwhile Hick and his friend Tolan Vas were walking down the hall of the temple Hick, kept feeling the same disturbance ,the disturbance was so great that Hick fainted, a team of Jedi troopers on guard were near, and took Hick to the Temples medical station.

Just then Nilocks shuttle crashed into the front entrance/ open gardens of the temple, the one of the other shuttles was shot down by the Temple defensive forces, and crashed into the communication array killing a majority of the clones, and jedi stationed there, the second shuttle crashed into the temples housing distract killing some sleeping jedi and two clones.

Lt. White and his squad of jedi troopers approach the shuttle, when the door open revealing the pre-teen ebony sith lord , and her army of sith worriers, and shadow guards, and sith stealth troopers.

Meanwhile in the housing district,

Sylvia a young Terronian jedi and her friends and several clones were cut off by the imperial shuttle crash and had to fight off waves of terror droids, and sith worriers, who also were stranded by the crash they were rescued by the high jedi command, including Ben Skywalker, and his uncle Luke.


The jedi tried to fight off the Shadow Empires brutal assault, the battle spread from the temple to the outskirts, thankful Luke and Ben skywalker arrived with aid form the Mandalorians and republic forces, and finally drove the sith off the planet, however with the temple destroyed they were moved to the planet Sodar VI.

Sadly high jedi commander Gem Gem a female tusken raider, was killed by Darth Nilock, as she tried to evacuate the Younglings , she took down a number of Terror spider's, but was cut off guard by Nilocks undead bodyguards and sith specters* (sith worriers)

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