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Assault on Bastion was the first action of the Sith Civil War. Darth Barad-Dur and four other infiltrated the Super Star Destroyer created by the True Republic, under the guise that 'Captain Harmon' was deception, and trying to sway the others to join him. Along the way there, the Darth Vader (affectionately known as just the Vader) was destroyed to ensure no one would return to the Empire. He ended up learning that 200 Jedi and Sith were operating the ship together on friendly terms. Barad-Dur killed both head Jedi on the ship and commandeered it, and went to Bastion, where they fired upon the cities, killing most of the rebels. While waiting for Darths Adenn and Tarna to return to the ship, High Inquisitor Gra'tua, who had been accompanying him, left to hunt down a major bounty hunter. Barad-Dur, left alone while Darth Malice killed the remaining Jedi and renegade Sith on board, manipulated the ship with the Force to keep it in control.

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