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Assault cruisers were New Republic star cruisers that were commonly used during the fourth and fifth battles of Coruscant. They measured over 2500 meters long and carried a full complement of twenty fighter squadrons (twelve fighters each). They were armed with 110 turbolasers, one hundred ion cannons, fifty point defense lasers and a superlaser mounted on the front of the ship in the same way the superlaser was mounted on the Eclipse. They were crewed by 100,000 officers.

Only twenty of these ships were made, but one could outmatch an Allegiance-class Super Star Destroyer. Later on two Super Assault Cruisers were made, measuring about twenty kilometers in length. They were armed with twenty thousand turbolasers. nineteen thousand ion cannons, five thousand point defense lasers and three super laser cannons. These ships had a crew complement of 500,000 officers, 100,000 fully armed troopers and a full complement of fifty squadrons comprised of twelve fighters each.

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