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In the last weeks of 1,387 BBY, the Sith Lord Darth Alecto and a force of Vanguardians led by Second Besh conspired to assassinate Phnyong, Jedi Master and Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic on Anaxes.

Dark Alliance

On behalf of Darth Saleej, Targere contacted Eviar Seldec to arrange a meeting; though disgusted, Valin Aresh believed Phnyong's death would be timely and agreed. Seldec met with Targere and Darth Alecto, and the three agreed to target Phnyong with a group of Vanguardians, backed by Alecto's Brotherhood of Shadows. Unbeknownst to Seldec, the Sith planned to poison Phnyong with an alchemical poison created by Kai Latra.

Guarding the Chancellor

Republic Intelligence was aware of a threat to the Chancellor, but received conflicting reports attributing the threat to the New Sith Empire, to Aresh, to the two united, and even to Darth Vandak. Because the Chancellor's visit coincided with the graduation ball at the Republic Navy War College, which would be attended by other civilian dignitaries, Anaxes Citadel turned out its full guard complement with a supplemental force of Republic Marines.

In addition to the military and law enforcement guard, the Jedi Order assigned a number of Jedi Knights to guard against any Forceful threats. An initial setup Jedi team led by Kenza Rowkwani was supplemented by Tirien Kal-Di and his Padawan, Narasi Rican. When the Chancellor arrived, he brought with him Jedi Knights Raven Kaivalt and Doli Umbgul.


Second Besh, Third Aurek, Third Herf, and Fourth Mern were delivered to Anaxes by Humanocentrism/Humanocentrist sympathizers. Kenza and Narasi nearly discovered FastLane Couriers's involvement, but the Vanguardians remained hidden and avoided detection. Darth Alecto sent a force of Anzati led by Nevya Khiyali, all of whom arrived on Anaxes incognito.

Nevya and Second Besh observed the Citadel from the outside and decided the only feasible insertion was by air. Second Besh used Gravo Fenjen, the captain who had ferried him to Anaxes, to obtain jetpacks and parachutes for the Anzati.

Danse Macabre

In addition to Chancellor Phnyong, numerous dignitaries attended the ball, including Senators Glavial Iltek of Taanab, Oteyda Falt of Kuat, and Kyrin Yukorskut of Alsakan; Prince Taylo Organa of Alderaan; and Commandant Gart Wermis. Chancellor Phnyong's Senate Guards were deployed in force, with several Jedi mingling in civilian garb.

The Anzati inserted by air, their arrival masked by fireworks, and killed the snipers and sentries on the Citadel's roof; Nevya dueled and killed Jedi Knight Dijir F'rat. Nevya and Zarrke entered the ball while the remaining Anzati prepared to exfiltrate. Second Besh and Fourth Mern used grappling guns to ascend to the roof, but Third Aurek and Third Mern had snuck into the ball with Senator Falt's support.

Second Besh and Fourth Mern were intercepted by Kenza Rowkwani, who dueled and killed them both. Third Aurek attacked the Chancellor, who was defended by Narasi and four Blue Guards; Third Mern began hacking down guests in the adjoining ballroom to distract reinforcements and successfully baited Raven Kaivalt and Doli Umgul into a duel. Meanwhile, Tirien had discovered Alecto herself hiding among the guests and waltzed her out of the ballroom to remove her from the Chancellor's proximity.

The Jedi prevailed in their duels, but Alecto had poisoned the wine in the room, and many beings died, including the Chancellor. Nevya and Zarrke successfully exfiltrated Alecto, who had consumed the poisoned wine herself, but took a cure. She left a second cure with Tirien, who gave it to Narasi for the Chancellor; when Narasi discovered him already dead, she gave Tirien the cure instead.


The Republic was shaken by the Chancellor's death, with numerous major worlds clamoring for protection as the Sith factions pressed their attacks. Many Jedi were heartbroken by Phnyong's assassination. Tirien Kal-Di discovered, to his horror, that the "cure" Alecto had given him was spiked with a second poison; while it cured him of the toxin that killed the Chancellor and many others, it also severed his connection to the Force.


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