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The Ashlan Nebula was a nebula situated in the Unknown Regions, an region of the galaxy unexplored by most other regions. It was also the location of the pocket dimension Ashlan Four, the location of the Order of the Whills starting in 99,945 BBY. The first known mentioning of the Ashlan Nebula came in the Prophecy of the Whills in which a holy man stated that the Order of the Jedi Bendu would lead a race of wisdom called the Whills from their homeworld so they could "dwell in the light of the Ashlan Nebula" and record the history of the galaxy.[1] The Whills followed the Jedi Bendu to Ashlan Four in 99,945 BBY after leaving their homeworld of Brodo Asogi,[2] and when they arrived they fulfilled the prophecy and began recording galactic history in the Journal of the Whills.[1]


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