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Golden Age of the Republic

Ashka Memnu was a holofilm and holodrama star from Esseles whose career flourished during the Republic's Golden Age. A Human female, she took her first role for a local holodrama series on Esseles in 710 BBY as a teenager. Over the next few years, she gained fame from her performances in adaptations of stage dramas throughout the Core and Inner Rim. By 704 BBY, she had won three Rivas and earned numerous nominations. She was the leading star in the holodrama Being Arisa and was filming an episode on Seswenna during the outbreak of the Seswenna Security Crisis, an event during the chancellorship of Anwis Eddicus. Surviving the outbreak, she agreed to work with Georges again and narrated the documentary holofilm Lequana, bnef nlle! The Sullustans of Seswenna.

Behind the scenes

Ashka Memnu was originally expected to make an appearance in the novel Golden Age of the Republic: Secret Agendas by Aban Fiolli, but her scene was ultimately cut to expedite the flow of the novel. Instead, she will appear directly in the third novel of the series, Golden Age of the Republic: Ghostly Images. Her likeness is based upon Turkish actress Beren Saat, who stars in the television adaptation of the novel Aşk-ı Memnu by Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil. The character's name was also derived from the title of the novel, which translates as "forbidden love" in English.


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