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Ashiesha VII was a Core planet affiliated with the Rebellion, the seventh planet orbiting the sun of Zarin. The water sources, while drinkable, resembled rivers, streams and pools of molten silver. The ground resembled a strange kind of pyrite. Instead of the silvery shine of iron or gold, a ruby crystalline metal dotted the land.

Han Solo (LadyVader) and Anakin Skywalker (LadyVader) discovreed the planet while in pursuit of a slaving ship. They discovered a mining forman had been enslaving innocents around the galaxy in order to extract the metal faster, because said metal had a natural electrostatic charge- Pass a piece of metal over a credit chit in just the right place and all identifying information on the chit is wiped to be replaced by your own, Solo discovered with shock.

"Slavers and thieves. we'll have to go undercover to get them out. . . ."

"Where do you want me, Captain, I was there yesterday."

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