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Peace.. Love.. Harmony.
—Ashara Heartstone

Ashara was a Non-traditional Jedi from the Planet Courscant.


Early life

Ashara was brought up into the order shortly after her birth. When she was six, someone sensed something different about her. She learned firstoff about the Jedis' History, the Code, and the Force. She was subject to it, physically when an older kid force shocked her with Lightning. She was shocked physically (like PTSD or something), and still was recovering from it in the Jedi medroom. She couldn't eat solids, so she had to eat soups, and drink mostly. She mostly slept. The boy who shocked her was kicked out of the order, a few months later. A few years after (maybe two) She recovered, finally and was brought back into Training. Since Elves are emotional, they found this out, and ever since had hard times training her. Then the temple was raided by a bunch of Sith and Imperial troopers. She used all of her training knowledge to lead some of her fellow padawans. She slaughtered some troopers using the force, and a dead Jedi master's saber. A sith said "Such heroic nonsense" and force choked her almost to death, but she grabbed into his chest, and took out his heart. She then crushed it, then saw her master get force ripped apart by a Sith. She cried, a lot, and sliced off his arms. She looked outside of the temple, and saw lots of ships invading her planet. She force pushed them all into each other, then leaped on them and sliced into their engines, causing an explosion. She force leaped off. The Jedi Masters all looked in awe. She then used force shatter (not shatterpoint) and all of the imperial soldiers around her shattered in pieces. A jedi master said: "She was never taught that move.." Much rest is unknown, due to the fact she fainted after.


5 years later, she would be used in another war against a group similar to the Nazis. She'd always kill lots of them, but at one point, a Darksider used force forget on her, making her forget some Force abilities/moves. Overtime, she discarded her Jedi robes and wore something one of those villains in those Dystopian movies would wear. (but in blue) She did more war stuff, and acted less and less like a Jedi, though she was kicked out due to her over emotional-ness. She still counted herself as a jedi, though, but joined a group of misfits who were kicked out either for one reason, or the other. She found a Sith holocron, but it didn't bring her to the darkside, though the only thing she really learned from it was Force Mask, and although her hair was very long, she used force mask a lot. She later pretended she was another Jedi to get in the order, though, and she was very convincing. She then dressed like Satelle Shan, except in shades of blue. She later faked her death, but revealed herself again. They finally cut off her braid, which she responded in shock, but rebraided it, she felt like something was missing from her head.



Personality and traits

She was very emotional, because of her species. She also was brave and one to never back down. Overtime, she used the force less, and less, and always her saber and acrobatic movements. She was a very social person who could always be seen with other Jedi. She was not one to lead, but felt like the force compelled her to do so.

Powers and abilities

She used advanced force-moves that others before her, or other padawans didn't know. Some of them forgotten now.

She also didn't waste her time with force persuade/mindcontrol/mind trick, and was one to use Ataru-like moves, and moves like something out of the RL Martial Arts and stuff. She later got into Soresu, and had to reconfigure her stance. She used force mask a lot, and Tuteminus. She always caught the blade in her hand(s).


  • She had three, she was conflicted on which crystal to use, so she had a Cyan, a Blue, and a Green. Most times she can be seen using two, though always one.

Behind the scenes

She wasn't righthanded, nor lefthanded, she learning to use both interchangeably.


She sometimes wore her hair long, but mostly wore it in braids. When her Padawan braid was cut off, she responded in shock, but stayed silent, and after that wore a hood, until she rebraided it herself.

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