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Asarrai. Asarrai was a Jedi, and she was stoic, and also strict and strictly adhered to the Jedi Code. She fought many Sith, and even Darth Fury. Darth Fury later turned her towards the Darkside, and made her more unstable and very, very emotional. He gave her one of his holocrons, and then she later wandered the galaxy killing both Jedi and Sith. Both Val'torai and Leia Fury (at different times) encountered and fought her. Darth Fury found her again, and she literally broke down in front of him, and was crying and also angry, her emotions like a roller-coaster, and she having hatred for both the Jedi and Sith,and personally Fury. Fury used mostly Force Crush, Force choke, and force push on her, and also Force Lightning and abilities that came from it like Force Storm.

Asarrai was later trapped, and found herself shortly unable to use the force, and she was also bound by cuffs and chains. She is now Fury's trophy in one of his personal rooms he has on another ship.

Weaponry and abilties:

  • Blue saber
  • Green saber(s), shoto.

She also kept to the Code and the Lightside, using some abilities, but not every ability the Jedi used.


None really.


Normal Jedi robes.

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