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Asaln Cheval was the son of Norvan and Vetta Milan Cheval, both members of the New Jedi Order. Born just after the end of the Galactic Civil War, Asaln was a child when the hugely destructive Yuuzhan Vong War broke out. Growing up during the war, Asaln witnessed first-hand the sheer horror of the conflict, and in later life this gave him resolve to be as good a Jedi as he was capable of being. He was mentored by the famous Jaden Korr, as well as by both of his parents, and he in turn informally mentored his younger sister, Bella. Asaln fought as a Jedi during the Swarm War, the Second Galactic Civil War and the Darkness War. He died over a century after the Battle of Yavin while investigating rumours of Sith on Kursid.

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