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Welcome to the center of it all. Most everything this group does comes from this planet ... but my greatest fear is that we will end up just like Hosnian.
—Carzivan, upon entering the orbit of Arzan Prime

Arzan Prime, sometimes referred to as Daskar, was a near-ecumenopolis world in the Mid Rim, and was the capital of the Arzan System. It had six moons: Kroshet, Valik, Niemdar, Baskif, Tupol, and Renvor. One of the primary principals established by the government was to keep the urban and non-urban portions of the planet in balance, so as to preserve the unique ecosystem. It was sometimes referred to as the Honeycomb Planet by the humans, because the pattern the city was laid out in resembled a honeycomb from space. During the reign of the First Order, following the destruction of the Hosnian System and the possible destruction of the Ileenium System, many citizens feared the Arzan System would be next due to its high population.




The Old Republic

During the days of the Old Republic, Arzan Prime was known as Daskar. Scholars and librarians across the galaxy fought to protect the name of Arzan Prime and won. It was later discovered that a Galactic Empire trooper disguised as a Coruscanti citizen made their way into the Jedi Archives and changed the name of Arzan Prime to Daskar without anyone noticing.

The Clone Wars


Post-war era

Behind the scenes

This planet is the capital of all of the planets in the NWN Universe. NOTE: the name may be changed, so this page may be deleted.

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