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My people know all about the Force and many of us have mastered it. I'm just adding a lightsaber to the equation.
—Aron Kel

Aron Kel was a male Kel Dor Jedi Knight and lifetime member of the Jedi Order; Kel, born on Dorin in 58 BBY, held the position of Jedi Knight from just before the Invasion of Naboo to the fall of the Galactic Republic in 19 BBY. During the Clone Wars, Aron served as a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Aron formed close friendships with almost all of the clones under his command during the Clone Wars, especially the clones of the Blood Brothers. Aron showed this camaraderie and loyalty when he rescued the Blood Brothers from the Nightsisters on Dathomir. In return, the Blood Brothers refused to kill their friend when Order 66 was issued, instead going into hiding with him on the jungle moon of Dxun.

Eventually, Aron and the Blood Brothers left Dxun to join the fledgling Alliance to Restore the Republic. One year after the decisive Battle of Yavin, Aron was killed by Imperial stormtroopers while meditating in the ruins of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. He was given a funeral on Dorin by the Baron Do and was remembered as a martyr by Luke Skywalker, who had admired him for having been a Jedi.


Early lifeEdit

Aron Kel was born on the planet Dorin, home of his species, in 58 BBY. Aron grew up accustomed to breathing in an atmosphere containing little oxygen, forcing him to wear protective goggles and an antiox breath mask on oxygen-rich worlds in order to survive; the mask supplied him with trace amounts of the gas found only on his homeworld, and it included a built-in comlink.

Like many Kel Dor, Aron was Force-sensitive. He was taken into the Jedi Order studied the Jedi way under the tutelage of Jedi Master Serra Nade. The Kel Dor, as a species, had a reputation for making quick and clear distinctions between right and wrong, and Aron felt he was no exception, often taking swift, decisive action with little or no contemplation for the consequences of his actions. This attitude, combined with Aron's sarcastic wit, often tried the patience of his master. However, as was common and even expected between masters and their charges, the two enjoyed a friendly relationship.

Aron specialised in some areas of Jedi training more than others. He was a proficient practitioner of telekinesis, and was able to move objects as large as a speeder without strain. However, he was not prodigious with a lightsaber, and was almost defeated in the one-on-one duels between himself and his master. This gave him a motivation to work harder on his swordsmanship and within a few years, he was equal to his master in combat. This would prove vital later in his life.

Loss of a masterEdit

Aron Kel Duel

Aron duels Nade on Dxun

Ironic, really. You taught me the ways of a Jedi and now I'm using them against you.
—Aron Kel, to Serra Nade

Two years prior to the Invasion of Naboo, Aron's master, Serra Nade, turned to the dark side. Knowing that she was powerful, the Jedi High Council sent Aron to subdue her. Aron used the Force to sense her whereabouts, finding her on the jungle moon of Dxun. After engaging in a brief conversation, the two Jedi fought one other.

Nade quickly gained the upper hand, putting Aron onto the defensive using her Jar'Kai abilities. Aron was ultimately able to cut through her defenses, however, and she told him to kill her. Aron refused, prompting an infuriated Nade to lash out at him using nothing but raw Force power. Aron, being pummeled with Force lightning, realized that he had to kill her before she killed him. Nade let her guard down when Aron used his blade to deflect the lightning, allowing Aron an opportunity to impale and kill her. He then buried his fallen master's body and forgave her for her actions.

Knighthood and the Invasion of NabooEdit

After defeating Nade and returning to Coruscant, Aron was made a Jedi Knight for his actions. Two years later, the Trade Federation blockaded Naboo, choking the planet of all resources and aid. Aron offered to lead a small group of Jedi to Naboo to end the blockade and curb the Federation's ambitions in that part of the galaxy, but his request was denied. Instead, because he was a charismatic individual who was easy to like, he was tasked by the Jedi Council to talk to influential Senators and attempted to make them call for a trial for Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray. Aron accepted his duties and turned to Senator Palpatine, the representative of Naboo. Palpatine agreed to call for Gunray's arrest and also gave Aron his word that he would do all he could to end the inaction of the current Supreme Chancellor, Finnis Valorum. This was achieved through a vote of no confidence, a strategy which Palpatine had devised. Soon, Valorum had been ousted as Chancellor and replaced by none other than Palpatine.

Aron was later told by Obi-Wan of the events at the end of the Invasion of Naboo. He wondered who the mysterious Sith Lord of whom Kenobi told him in great deal was, having always thought the Sith to be extinct from the galaxy ever since the war of one-thousand years previously. This question puzzled Aron, who made a habit of reading all he could about the Sith in the Jedi Archives.

Clone WarsEdit

The first war to rack the Republic for a thousand years starts with the deaths of Jedi. Let's hope we didn't start as we mean to go on.
—Aron Kel
Aron Kel Clone Wars Rhen Var

Aron fighting during the Clone Wars

In 22 BBY, the Clone Wars broke out across the galaxy. Despite not having fought on Geonosis, Aron was placed in command of a unit of clone troopers, the Blood Brothers. Aron took an instant liking to their commander, nicknamed Red. Red also liked and respected Aron and the two swiftly became firm friends. Aron's leadership led the Blood Brothers to many victories throughout the war, most notably at the Battle of Muunilinst. Although Aron's tendency to make on-the-spot decisions also put the unit in danger more than once, due to the skills of Aron and his clone troopers, the Blood Brothers always managed to get out of difficult situations with as little casualties as possible.

At the height of the war, Aron and the Blood Brothers were ordered to join the Outer Rim Sieges and assault the planet of Dathomir. Upon arriving on Dathomir, most of the unit, including Red, was captured by the Nightsisters. Aron infiltrated the Nightsister camp and rescued his squad. They were discovered and were forced to fight their way out of the Nightsisters' grasp. Due to the dark side nature of Dathomir, Aron felt a strong urge to give in to his base emotions while on the planet, and was only stopped by Red warning him that if he went rogue, he would be shot by the Blood Brothers.

At the end of the war, Palpatine, who had revealed himself as Darth Sidious, issued Order 66. This order compelled clone troopers to execute their Jedi commanders. When Red received the order, however, he refused to kill Aron, having been taught by his friend that orders were not unquestionable. Therefore, at the first opportunity, Aron and the Blood Brothers fled and went into hiding on Dxun, despite its strong Dark side affinity.

Exile on DxunEdit

I came here once before, a long time ago.
—Aron Kel, on Dxun

While on Dxun, Aron used the Force to sense the events throughout the galaxy. He knew already that the dark side was strong, having sensed it growing in strength during the war, but now knew the extent to which it had grown. He could, however, sense powerful Force-users still alive in the galaxy. He sensed that Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Shaak Ti were all still alive. He could also sense that the Baran Do of Dorin had been unaffected by the Great Jedi Purge.

Aron Kel leaves Dxun

Aron Kel leaves Dxun.

Aron did his level best to ensure that the years spent on Dxun would be bearable. To this end, he found a large cave and decided that it would be ideal for him and the Blood Brothers to sleep in. He also made light humor of the galaxy's situation, in frequent attempts to cheer up the depressed members of the Blood Brothers.

Eventually, Aron found a crashed ship from the Clone Wars. Fortunately for him, its transmitter was still working and he picked up a signal from the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Aron immediately informed his troopers of this development and they repaired the ship before leaving Dxun to find the Alliance.


Alliance to Restore the Republic? Do you do exactly what the name says?
—Aron Kel

Eventually, Aron found the Rebels on Dantooine, where they had established a base. He was introduced to Mon Mothma, whom he remembered as the Senator from Chandrila during the last years of the Republic. Mon Mothma explained to Aron what the Alliance's mission was, and what his role in it could be. Aron's assignment was to find other Force-sensitive individuals and convince them to join the Alliance. He accepted this task and sought out the Baran Do in an attempt to persuade them to join the Alliance. The monks refused, however, and Aron instead began to search for other surviving Jedi. He found A'sharad Hett on Tatooine, but quickly recognized that he, too, had begun the journey toward the dark side. In light of this, Aron began to search for one of the surviving Jedi Masters. However, his search bore no fruit and he was forced to return to Dantooine empty-handed.

Soon after Aron's return, the Empire discovered the Rebel base on Dantooine and the Alliance was forced to evacuate in the face of overwhelming force. Aron fought off some of the stormtroopers who got into the base, but realized that he could not fight them all. Taking flight, he rejoined the Rebels at Yavin 4, where a new base was being established within the ancient ruins there. Aron spent the next few months on the jungle moon, temporarily giving Red complete oversight of the Blood Brothers while me meditated.

Aron Kel death

Aron Kel's death at the hands of an Imperial stormtrooper

Some months later, the Empire discovered the base on Yavin 4 as well. This time, the Rebels made a stand, destroying the Empire's powerful new battlestation in the process. Their victory was short-lived, however, as the Empire soon returned and attacked the base. Again, the Alliance was forced to evacuate, Aron amongst them. Distraught at the repeated victories of the Empire, Aron returned to Dantooine, sequestering himself in the ancient Jedi ruins. Unfortunately for him, an Imperial patrol found him and fatally shot him in the back while he meditated.

Post-mortem and legacyEdit

To me, he was more than a general; he was my dearest friend.

When word of Aron's death reached the Alliance, Luke Skywalker and Red retrieved the fallen Jedi's body and brought it back to Dorin. There, the Baran Do held a customary funeral, in which Red delivered a eulogy on his deceased friend. Skywalker called Aron a martyr and vowed to teach his ways to prospective Jedi in the future. Because of this, some of the teachings of the New Jedi Order were based around the teachings of Aron Kel, making his mark on galactic history greater than he ever thought possible.

Personality and traitsEdit

I have my flaws just like anybody else. I just try not to let them rule me.
—Aron Kel

Like many of his kind, Aron Kel had a strong sense of justice. His species tended to see issues in black and white, and favored what was termed "rough justice," a method of solving disputes that, to non-Kel Dor, seemed overly retributive and too close to vigilantism. In his youth, Aron's Master, Serra Nade, said that he was "polite but difficult." Aron felt there were Jedi much better than him and never claimed to be a model Jedi.

Aron had a very close bond with Plo Koon, the two of them having been childhood friends on Dorin as well as during their Jedi training. This friendship established a bond between the two that allowed them each to sense the other's feelings.

During the Clone Wars, Jedi General Aron Kel developed an affinity for the clone troopers under his command, particularly Captain Red, and often stated how their lives meant more to him than completing a mission. This feeling was evidently returned as the clones felt so strongly of Aron as their friend that they did not kill him when Order 66 was issued.

Aron also had a sense of humor, which he used frequently to lift the spirits of troops under his command. This made him popular and respected by most people he came into contact with, though some thought that he was not serious enough during war and should stop making jokes while soldiers and civilians were dying. Aron himself admitted that he occasionally "crossed the line."

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Aron Kel was especially proficient at telekinesis, and could move objects without even having to face them.

Kel possessed an extensive knowledge of the physical sciences. In particular, he used his knowledge of physics along with the Force to alter the environment—the resourceful Jedi could create small whirlwinds as well as a dense fog over a limited area, freeze tiny rivers and lakes, and raise or lower the temperature of his surroundings enough to incapacitate an opponent, all due to his extensive knowledge of physics.

Kel was also skilled with a lightsaber and used the fourth form of lightsaber combat, Ataru. He was also a capable pilot but preferred to spend his time on the ground. Kel also had the ability to breathe and survive in space for a short period of time due to his thick Kel Dor hide.

Behind the scenesEdit

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Aron Kel was created by Thenorthernman after he read the Threat of Peace web comic and saw Jedi Master Zym, whose image is used to portray Aron dueling Serra Nade. Aron was also based on Plo Koon, with whom he shares a similar personality.