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Armer Finn was a human male born in 113 BBY. Like most of his family, Armer had a particular interest business, something he'd often reflect on during his life. During his life he was often involved in many business deals, both within the Galactic Republic and outside.

During his lifetime, the extent of his business life led too him having managed to acquire his own planet in the Corporate Sector, but it was lost after his death.

Armer had a single son, Duncan Finn, who was in complete opposition to most of Armer's interest, and the two clashed very often. Armer died in 28 BBY of old age.


Early life

Armer Finn was born in 113 BBY on Coruscant, at the time the seat of power for the Finn family. On the streets he was often found doing backhand dealings even on a young age, giving him insight and experience into the life he would continue to live.

While Armer did enter a college on Coruscant, however he dropped out soon enough and instead chose to learn on his own, successfully at that. However, he would meet his future wife, Miria here.

Business life and the Trade Federation

Armer and several of his street friends tended to pull stunts on Coruscanti shops, leading them into giving them money, but nothing quite as big as a bank heist in 83 BBY. Several of Armer's friends got caught, but Armer bribed them into silence.

This particular event got the attention of the Trade Federation, which saw an interest in working with the man. Armer was approached and concluded a secret deal with the Trade Federation, an action his wife would never know but his son always had suspected, but he could never prove.

His connection to the Trade Federation led to a big deal concerning a planet in the Corporate Sector. While the planet was initially supposed to be transferred between two Trade Federation holdings, documents got mixed around, and by purpose or accident, Armer ended up with the planet on his name, something he would also not fail to keep from his wife.

Loss and renewed interest

He never had an interest in having children, often being compelled to say that his relatives would continue the bloodline, and thus it came as a shock when he learnt his wife was pregnant. Despite initial indications, Armer would never outright say he didn't want the child, and instead chose to care for it with his wife.

Miria died in 61 BBY, when Duncan was only eight years old, leaving Armer to care for his son on his own. Armer was overtaken by grief over the loss of his beloved, and entered a permanent state of depression, often neglecting care for both his son and himself. Upon reaching the age of fifteen, Duncan left home, and his father's mental state gradually worsened.

Facing the realisation of all he's lost, Armer put his mind on a single thought; making more money. He'd often start making investments in assets of the Trade Federation, and at the start of the Stark Hyperspace War, Duncan and Armer found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict, Duncan directly involved in the fighting as he was employed in the Judicial Forces by now, and Armer who had invested in much of the Trade Federation's and the Stark Commercial Combine's assets.

While Armer was well aware of the involvement of his son, he kept his own involvement hidden, and Duncan would only find out years later, after which he confronted his father with his actions in Armer's estate. The two finally left on bad terms, and would never come to terms.

Later life

Armer would die in 28 BBY, rich with no family and very few friends left.

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