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Arla Downe was an Aleena Jedi Padawan who survived Order 66. She wielded a green lightsaber.


Early life

Arla was the fourth child of a well known greenputt player. Shortly after her birth she was discovered to be Force Sensitive by the Jedi Master Tsui Choi. He took Arla back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in order to train her to become a Jedi. She was placed in Krakana Clan.

Order 66

During the final days of the Clone Wars, Arla and the other members of Krakana Clan were taken away from Coruscant as part of a training mission. However, the Star Destroyer that was transporting them was shot down while over Dimock. The younglings managed to survive by climbing into an escape pod and jettisoning down to the planet's surface. Shortly after their landing, they were rescued by the Jedi team of Tadra Kren, Yulo Gart and Molkir Tyd, as well as their clone troopers. Unfortunately for the Jedi, Order 66 was initiated as the younglings were being escorted to a spaceport. The Jedi managed to escape by hijacking an RTT and fleeing into the wilderness of the planet. Tadra realized however, that they could not run forever and so order Molkir to take the younglings and flee. They eventually managed to reach a spaceport, where Molkir Force Persuaded a smuggler to carry them off world.

Life in exile

They were dropped of at Artus Prime, a mining world in the Outer Rim, where they would supposedly be safe from the Empire. Molkir agreed to teach the younglings all he knew in the ways of The Force and began a fifteen year training program. During this time, Arla became friends with the much larger Akurian Padawan, Holdus Gaan. The two shared an interest in meditation and had similar calm and peaceful personalities. The two became close enough that Holdus would allow Arla to ride on his shoulders. Arla became an adept lightsaber combatant by utilizing her small size, fast reflexes and speed to easily dominate her opponents in battle. When a fellow Padawan, Kori Dannus, attempted to assassinate Molkir because he believed that he was holding him back, Arla and the others attempted to stop him. While Kori was using Deadly Sight to keep Holdus on his knees, Arla and Taro Manus attempted to rush Kori. The attack failed when Kori used The Force to smash Tao into the ground before kicking Arla away. After falling into unconsciousness, she awoke to discover that Kori had been defeated in a duel by Vasaga Nomaki and then exiled.

Battle of Artus Prime

In 12 ABY, Artus Prime was invaded by the Empire Reborn. Knowing that his small band of Jedi could not defeat the overwhelming number of Imperial soldiers, Molkir ordered them to go into hiding until a suitable opportunity arose. The opportunity presented itself in the form of Kyle Katarn and a team of New Republic soldiers. Molkir allowed the Jedi to come out of hiding and attack the Imperial soldiers. After the battle had been won, Katarn thanked Molkir and told him about Luke Skywalker's plans for a New Jedi Order. Molkir agreed to meet Skywalker and he and his Padawans left Artus Prime. When the Jedi Praxeum was founded, Arla took a Rodian Padawan known as Daiba Jungle.

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