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Arkyr Rentol was a male Human Mandalorian of the Guardian Mandalorians faction. His mother was a Mandalorian by birth, though his father joined the culture only upon their marriage. He loved Mandalorian society and believed firmly in Mandalore the Sentinel, though he often did not understand her decisions and longed for a more militant society. He trained in a number of forms of combat, though his field experience remained limited due to his refusal to work as a mercenary.

In 1,386 BBY, Mandalore sent Arkyr to assist Damis Myragon in purchasing a nuclear bomb Runganna the Hutt was auctioning on Circumtore. Arkyr had a shorter temper than the older Damis, who tried to keep him in line. The two nearly came to blows with San Pavac, a Pyke Mandalorian mercenary they both despised. Though Arkyr opposed the Jedi bid to buy the weapon, Arkyr used every opportunity to encourage Narasi Rican in harming Pavac.

When Runganna subjected the auction parties to a Koboskya no Jankpa, Arkyr was willing to fight Narasi and Zaella Sabir, but reluctantly accepted Damis's decision to bow out rather than kill a Jedi and risk war with the Republic. When Narasi wound up fighting Pavac anyway, Arkyr got a good vantage point to observe the conflict, suspecting Pavac would dishonor himself. When he was proven right—Pavac, having been defeated and spared by Narasi, tried to blow her up with a grenade—Arkyr considered it sufficient justification and shot Pavac in the head with a slugthrower. In gratitude, Tirien did not oppose the Mandalorians in confiscating Ghrond's Mandalorian iron armor and war hammer, Iconoclast.


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