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The AFY can produce about a thousand ships in a month, depending, of course, upon the ships in question. That being said, they could probably produce a thousand fighter-craft in a day or less.
—Nylasius Valyrys to visitors of the Arkasian Fleet Yards
 Arkasian Fleet Yards (AFY), or AFY, was the largest shipbuilding corporation in the Zekrotopian Galaxy from Pre-75,000 BBY to post-140 ABY.  Arkasian Fleet Yards mainly sold its products to the Zekrotopian Republic of United Systems, and the Zekro-Arkasian Republic of Core Worlds previously. Many Arkasian products could be found in fighters, walkers, starships, and other Military vehicles across the Zekrotopian Galaxy. Arkasian Fleet Yards did not only sell to the Zekrotopians, however. Many governments and organizations across their Galaxy purchased its products, for varying purposes. These circumstances helped to make Arkasian Fleet Yards one of the most famous corporations in the Zekrotopian Galaxy.     
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