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Funny. We run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, and there's this beautiful ringed masterpiece right in front of our eyes. Ten credits says its gas.
—crewmember of Republic cruiser

Arina was a ringed gas giant located in the Skoleros system. Arina was one of the only gas giants that hosted an artificial ring colony. Alpha Ring served as the government center for the planet. It was a rather new discovery, as the Skoleros System was not previously recognized as a relevant system.


In 27 ABY, a fleet of fleeing Republic cruisers ran out of fuel when they arrived in the Skoleros system. They had enough building materials (and allies to supply them from nearby Xelare) to start a colony within the cloudtops. There were eight settlements that were created: Mona, Duoda, Treya, Quaderica, Quintesca, Hexadra, Septia, and Octia. Septia was by far the most significant, being the only connection to the work-in-progress colony known as Alpha Ring.

In 34 ABY, It was revealed that there was a mole within the Arinan colonists, and he was promptly executed. However, the mole rigged the Quintesca Orbital Array for demolition, and it exploded, leaving the Quaderica and Hexadra arrays without power or access to Alpha Ring for months.

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