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|imageBG= |image= |name= Argaduanuun |hidea= |region= none |sector= none |system= none |suns= 1 |position= |moons= Dravo, Haran, Arfaxad, Retero, Giunto |coord= |distance= |lengthday= 24 hours |lengthyear= 365 1/4 |hidep= |class= Terrestrial |diameter= 56 km |atmosphere= Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Methane, Rutherfordium |climate= Tropical |gravity= Normal |terrain= Flat |water= none, except in rivers and lakes |interest= very big seltza ore mine |hides= |species= Argaduans, Ioss |otherspecies= Humans, Trandoshans, Gotal |language= Argadui |government= Constitutional |population= 1000005 |cities= 100 |imports= 50 |exports= 25 |affiliation= New Republic }}

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