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New Republic era

I don't love everything the Order does, but I believe in their duty to protect the galaxy. That's why i'll fight for them until my last breath!
—Aren Vale

Aren Vale was a Force-sensitive Human (Korun) male born on Haruun Kal during the year 650 ABY. Aren was a Jedi Knight that served as an instrumental front line fighter in the Reborn Sith Wars. He possessed a long and fulfilled career that helped shape the fate of the entire galaxy.

Born on the planet of Haruun Kal, Aren was taken as the apprentice of Jedi Master Sirci Dohma and traveled on many missions with her, making quite a reputation for himself despite his young age. During the Duel on Kashyyyk, Aren would temporarily defeat the powerful Sith Lord Darth Ventus before being rescued by his master, though he would unfortunately lose his friend Cin Kuran in the duel. He would participate in many missions and battles on behalf of the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic such as the Battle of Kaseem, the savior of Force-sensitive children, and the Battle of Dantooine just to name a few of his escapades.

As a Jedi General, Aren fought in countless battles during the Reborn Sith War and was seen as one of the most skilled and powerful fighters within the Jedi Order, surviving many perilous battles and being hailed as an incredible warrior. After his ascension to Jedi Knight he would go on many missions with his master, the two of them becoming the most famous Jedi pair in the galaxy, and being sought after by many bounty hunters. Aren earned the moniker "The Renegade" due to his hot-temper, disregard for Orders given to him by his superiors and his incredible combat skills. He became famous for killing the known Jedi killer and Sith Lord Darth Leviathan. This would result in him being given the title the Blade of the Jedi.

During the Reborn Sith Wars Aren would vow to bring back his fellow Jedi Zendra Athen, who after witnessing the death of her parents had fallen to the dark side and became the Sith Lord known as Darth Athena. When Aren found out about this, he swore with all his heart that he would bring her back to the light; even though his ster advised against it. Unfortunately Zendra was too far gone and he was forced to kill her to keep her from spreading her influence across the galaxy.


Early life and apprenticeship

Childhood at Jedi Temple

Aren Vale was a Human Korun male who lived during the height of the Reborn Sith Wars. Aren was born on Haruun Kal to Thoz and Seona Vale but only lived with them until he was three years old, as the Sith Lord, Linir Malik would come to Haruun Kal in search of a new apprentice. He sensed Aren's immense force potential and decided he would become his new apprentice, Malik slayed Aren's parents and took him before departing from the planet. As he was leaving the planet his ship was attacked by a Jedi strike team, the Jedi raided his ship and killed Malik, discovering the young child within his ship. After sensing his immense force potential the Jedi shuddered at the thought of this child turning to the dark side and decided they would take him to the Jedi temple on Coruscant.

You're talented, but that temper could be the end of you. You'd do well to remember that.
Master Lain in regard to Aren's short-temper.

As a Jedi Initiate, Aren trained under the Jedi Grand Master alongside other Jedi hopefuls of his age. Later he would be placed into the Hawk-bat Clan and be under the tutelage of Jedi Master Lain. While in this clan he became friends with some of his fellow clan members Zendra Athen, Roxai Lue, and Cin Kuran. While there he would also have an unfriendly rivalry with Vaan Cliss and Pent Fanal. As a youngling, Aren had an interest in machinery and was able to create his own Exploration droid CD-1 or CeeDee for short. He also had a particular skill in unarmed combat. However due to his quick learning he became impatient but through Lain's tutelage he would become more mature, but would still retain his short-temper.

During a training exercise where the youngling had to cross rocky river while attached to a cable. The trainees were to repeat the same task next, though unassisted and under the supervision of their Jedi Master as part of their training. Aren was impatient and didn't want to wait until next week and after everyone else left, he was debating on scaling the river on his own. Suddenly a friend from his class Zendra, playfully dared Aren to race her across the river. Zendra beat him to the other side of the river, and though Aren was initially bitter he laughed it off and playfully pushed Zendra into the river. She then pulled him in and the two began playfully wrestling in the water. The two of them snuck back into the Jedi temple without being noticed.

After that incident, Aren and Zendra vowed to always be friends and have each others backs. The two indeed became the best of friends over the years, along with some of their other trainees. By the time he was ten years old, Aren was seen as one of, if not the most promising of the temple's students. Aren and his friends participated in Exhibition Day a tournament among the older Temple students, where they demonstrated their skills to Jedi Masters. The last exercise of the day was a lightsaber tournament; Aren easily defeated his opponents and made it to the final, where he faced against Zendra. The two engaged in a fierce duel with each gaining advantages and looking like it could go either way. Aren was able to defeat Zendra, disarming her of her lightsaber. Zendra was not upset or angry though as she was very proud of her best friend.

Aren's dueling prowess was noticed by the Jedi Master Sirci Dohma, who decided that she would be the one to train him in the ways of the Jedi. Despite her aggressive demeaner, Sirci was a loving and encouraging mentor who took on a motherly role in Aren's life. The two often enjoyed many recreational activities together and some would even criticize that Sirci was acting too much like Aren's mother and not his mentor. The two of them did not care however, as they were content with the way their training was going; and the effects of it would show as Aren's skills rapidly grew.

Padawan of Sirci Dohma

Aren as a Padawan

You've already got quite the fighting spirit. With me as your master I doubt they'll be anyone who can beat you, Jedi or Sith.
Master Dohma about Aren's potential.

Due to being active during the height of the Reborn Sith Wars, Aren would be put on many dangerous and life-threatening missions with Master Dohma and these would help him grow rapidly in terms of his fighting skill and force abilities. Like all Padawans, Aren along with his master visited the planet Ilum to collect a lightsaber crystal for his lightsaber. There, he would use the Haysian Gold materials he had already collected to create his own lightsaber while in an entranced state while his master surveyed the outside area. Almost immediately after the construction, Aren would be attacked by a Dark Jedi, and he would defeat them just as his master came into the room. Master Dohma would be highly impressed as Aren was only eleven years old at the time.

Aren and Sirci would participate in a number of missions during the Reborn Sith Wars, going to many planets to resolve conflict whether it be peacefully or otherwise. At the young age of thirteen Aren had already became very skilled in lightsaber and unarmed combat, to the point where he singlehandedly defeated a Mandalorian bounty hunter in single combat. In that same year, he was capable of defeating the other members of his previous clan by one by one, without too much trouble. He was assigned on a variety of different missions with his master, such as taking down a band of bounty hunters that had taken hold on the Jungle planet of Haruun Kal, and even singlehandedly went on a mission to take down a Force-sensitive serial killer.

During his tenure as a Padawan Aren would often have impulses of the dark side, frequently flirting with it and having to pull himself back to the light. Quite a lot during missions he would have moments where he let his anger and frustration get the better of him; causing him to use the dark side in spurts and at one point even Force choking a Dark Jedi. His master would often scold him that while she believed the dark side wasn't inherently evil, she told him that he must be highly careful as teetering too close to the dark can be detrimental. Aren often defied many of the Jedi's teachings, believing from a young age that the dark side can't be all bad like the Jedi claim; sure the Sith use it for their own gain but nothing can be all bad.

At the age of sixteen, Aren would defeat several dark Jedi and even held his own against his master in combat and would defeat her a few times; proving that his training in both Lightsaber combat and the Force were paying off. Watching him grow, Sirci would become quite proud of Aren over the years, realizing that she had no more to teach him by the time he turned seventeen, Sirci would recommend Aren to take his Jedi trials to become a true Jedi knight, as she felt that he was finally ready. Aren felt as though he was ready, however the Jedi thought that Aren needed quite a bit more time before he was ready to become a fully fledged Jedi Knight.

Duel on Kashyyyk and The Death of Cin Kuran

A year later on 668 ABY, Aren would be given opportunity to prove himself as worthy of being a Jedi Knight when he and one of his best friends Cin Kuran, who had already made it to the rank of knight at twenty one years old were given a mission to capture the now dark Jedi Jin Vallow, who had recently set up a base on the planet of Kashyyyk before he fully turned to the dark side of the Force. Aren and Cin traveled to Kashyyyk and Cin used his powerful Force sense to pinpoint Vallow's dark side energy and found his base in Woolwarricca and the two of them made their way to his base.

When they entered the base they were greeted immediately with Cin being attacked by Jin Vallow, who almost ran Cin through with a lightsaber if Aren hadn't intercepted it. Vallow began taunting the two of them, talking about how the Jedi will fall and that the Sith were on the winning side of this war; Aren told him that no matter what the Jedi will come out on top. Aren and Cin were ready to fight Vallow but before they could someone would enter the base, a large man wielding a red lightsaber; the man gave off a powerful dark side energy and introduced himself as Darth Ventus, who revealed that Vallow had become his new Sith apprentice.

Realizing now that Vallow was far too gone and that a Sith Lord had infultrated the Core Worlds, Aren and Cin realized that they had no choice but to kill Vallow and Darth Ventus or at least try. Aren, ever the bold one was about to rush the Sith lord but Cin told him to take Vallow instead as it was his duty as a Jedi Knight to confront the Sith Lord; Aren was worried for Cin but decided to trust his friend's judgement and take on Vallow. Aren and Vallow engaged in a duel. After a furious duel, Aren eventually managed to defeat Vallow by impaling him with his lightsaber. Aren then went on to help Cin take on the Sith Lord, and it would seem that the two of them together would overwhelm Ventus but the dark sider would knock Aren aside and impale Cin Kuran through the chest, ending the young Jedi Knight's short life.

Rage coursed through Aren and he rushed the Sith Lord, who commented that Aren had an intense amount of dark side energy within him; taunting him that rage unbalancing him was not the Jedi way. Aren did not care and relentlessly attacked Ventus but he was unable to get the better of him, further being taunted by Ventus saying he was "more entertaining than your friend." Aren would be blinded by his rage, and would actually manage to overwhelm and knock the Sith Lord to the ground; he came back to his senses but that would prove to be a mistake as Darth Ventus overpowered Aren and who slashed off his arm at the elbow and knocked him aside.

Before Ventus was able to kill Aren, Aren's master Sirci Dohma arrived in her ship and began shooting at Darth Ventus who had to avoid the shots. Zendra appeared out of the ship and Force pulled Aren, who Force pulled Cin's body refusing to just leave him on the planet. Aren tried to explain what happened, but Zendra said that she received a vision in the Force that showed her the trouble Aren was in. When they returned to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, they held a funeral and cremation for Cin Kuran; honoring him as a hero.

The Reborn Sith War

You've already got quite the fighting spirit. With me as your master I doubt they'll be anyone who can beat you, Jedi or Sith.
—Aren Vale.

After some convincing by Sirci Dohma, and due to the need for more Jedi Knights the Jedi master's decided that Aren had proved himself worthy of being a Jedi Knight for showing great courage in the face of the Sith Lord and showing that he was able to pull himself back from the dark, saying that this was his great trial. On 632 ABY Aren had been giving the title of Jedi Knight, though Aren had felt that the title was tainted as Cin was not there to witness it happen. He would often command the 600th Legion during many battles, with his second command being Stormtrooper TN-2823, commonly reffered to by his nickname Mako. While originally needing to adapt to Aren's unorthodox tendencies, he would come to appreciate Aren's tenacity and the two would come to highly respect eachother; even considering themselves as good friends.

Saving the Children on Yasnic

Aren's Master Sirci would suggest to the Jedi Order that they should stage operations into Sith space; and with the consent of the High Council Sirci would gather dozens of Jedi volunteers to go into Sith territory within the Unknown Regions Sirci received information that the Sith had discovered a group of five Force-sensitive orphaned children on the planet of Yasnic. Aren volunteered to go on the mission, and Roxai Lue volunteered to help save the children from the Sith and the two of them would fly off to to the planet. As the two of them arrived on Yasnic they landed on the outskirts of a town to not scare the locals.



Personality and traits

Physical Appearance

Aren is described as a handsome young man, he has short, curly, black, hair, and a medium brown skin tone; with a mischievous, sarcastic smile that makes him look like troublemaker. He is rather tall, being six feet. He has a large dark scar across his nose from a training exercise with a vibroblade when he was nine. People have claimed that Aren’s face was kind and gentle but always looked a little sad, and he had a brooding look that always labelled him a rebel in the eyes of others.


Aren is someone who always struggles to do the right thing. He's got etchings of the dark side within him, and despite that I trust him completely. Sure, he's got his flaws. He's overconfident, he's impulsive, short-tempered and reckless beyond imagination; but I mean it when I say no one is as courageous as that boy, nor does anyone have as big a heart. He's loyal to a fault, and he cares about people no matter who they are or where they came from; and he's got willpower unmatched by any Jedi or Sith I've ever seen. I trust Aren Vale with my life...and he trusts me with his.
—Sirci Dohma

Aren was described as laid-back and a smart alack. He was sarcastic, cool, and sometimes too smart for his own good. Aren was a nice guy at heart who was caring and very empathetic, But he was also smart-alack young man, with a lightning-fast wit and a sarcastic, blunt sense of humor. He was often making jokes to lighten the mood sometimes even at his friends expense. However he was also a brave and heroic soul who would do anything to protect those he cared for and sometimes even a complete stranger or in very rare case even an enemy.

Aren possessed a rather strong competitive streak, shown when he and Roxai Lue constantly tried to one up each other and would frequently spar. Aren had a lot of self-confidence and possessed a large ego to match it, making him sassy, cocky, quick-witted and sometimes overconfident in his abilities. He had a lot of attitude, showed a lot of sarcasm through his gestures and had a narcissistic tongue. He often joked around to lighten the mood, but would also take any opportunity to taunt and mock his opponents, and took many of the situations he faces lighthearted; such as when he taunted Darth Leviathan, calling him a "meat head" and saying Caspian Razz was shorter than he expected. He was also not generally modest when it comes to his abilities and was very proud of his skills, smug and a showoff.

At the same time, Aren had a big and kind heart and always tried to do what he thought was right, shown in the many times he's aided people who needed help during his time as a Jedi as he always wanted to help those in need; even at great risk to himself. He was fully committed to helping out those in any kinds of trouble however he can, even if his actions would be met with contempt or have consequences and could not look away when somebody else was in trouble. He always kept his word and would willingly put himself at risk to help others. He would take on any challenge that confronted him without hesitation, though he usually saw his heroics and fighting for the Jedi as an opportunity to have fun; making him somewhat of a thrill-seeker and as he enjoyed any challenge that passed him.

Aren also possessed an indomitable force of will; in situations where most others would give up and resign themselves to defeat or imprisonment and in situations where he was severely outnumbered and outgunned, he always forged on; such as when he was cornered by three Dark Jedi and being tortured but he refused to give in. This immense willpower was also shown in his ability to completely retain his control while being tortured on Tython, and the numerous times he resisted the pull of the dark side of the Force. Aren was extremely loyal to his friends and was willing to put his life on the line for them without any due consideration. Though he sometimes teased them or acted rude he cared generously for all his friends and if they were in danger, Aren would put them above all else at hand; even orders directly given to him by his superiors and including his own life. Aren was known for having great willpower and a lot of stubbornness. He was incredibly strong of character, possessing a never-waving faith in himself and never gave in to his own weaknesses.

Aren also had an air of charisma surrounding him as well and was well known for being incredibly likeable, and it's this effortless charm that has made him such a favorite within the order and of the people; despite his gung ho way of doing things. Most who had met Aren would doubtlessly claim that he was always relaxed, incredibly confident, and an open book. Aren was easy to get along with and could make conversation with almost anyone, he wasn't difficult to please, he was easily entertained, and easily distracted. The bounty hunter Shura Keo was actually quite surprised when she found out he was the Jedi she was looking for, as she thought all Jedi were serious and sticks in the mud; she was genuinely caught off guard by Aren's tendencies. Aren was also very creative and was seen as someone that thinks outside of the box, seen in the several skilled ways he used the Force.

Despite all of his good traits, Aren was far from perfect. Aren was very short-tempered, and had trouble controlling his anger; showed in the fights he got in with other students that greatly annoyed him. His impulsiveness caused him to do and say things before thinking, causing him to get into a lot of trouble. As he would put it, “sometimes my brain doesn’t know what my mouth is saying”. He also would feel responsible for everyone and anything which goes wrong. He can be derisively sarcastic and moody, especially when someone tries to manipulate him or forces him to obey. Aren was also very reckless and tended to do or blurt out things before thinking, which caused him to get into a lot of trouble.

He had a complicated relationship with his dark side tendencies. The dark side came naturally to Aren, and therefore often aided him when he couldn't control himself, resulting in him using many Force abilities attributed to the dark side. While not enjoying killing by any means, he had few qualms with killing those he felt needed to be dealt with for the sake of the greater good or for the sake of his friends; such as when he used the Force choke to torture the Warlord Karlo Dinia to reveal the locations of a bomb he planted that would destroy an entire city on Dantooine or when he killed Corvis Mane to save his master. Aren often let his passion and emotions get the better of him, and his struggle to keep his dark side in check persisted all throughout his life; though he always managed to pull himself back even when pushed near his breaking point.

Powers and abilities

You've become a far greater Jedi than I could ever hope to be.
—Sirci Dohma

Lightsaber training

Aren was noted by his master to be able to devour lightsaber combat knowledge and being a supernatural talent in the art. Aren was trained by one of the Order's most promising Jedi Masters, Sirci Dohma. Through her, Aren would inherit a rich tradition of lightsaber training. His style featured elements of many masters, making him outstandingly talented, even at a very young age; Aren even had knowledge of every lightsaber form and can use them to a certain skill. During his time as a Jedi he became one of the most skilled lightsaber combatants to have ever lived.

Aren's preferred styles of lightsaber combat were a hybrid form of Form IV: Ataru and Form V: Djem So, with more emphasis on Form IV. He frequently combined the the blinding speed and acrobatics of Ataru with the powerful strikes, strength based assaults, and intense counter-attacks of Djem So; which made for a style that was rather unorthodox, and this helped him in his many battles during the Sith Clone Wars. Aren often employed wide, fast, powerful swings with elaborate blade work and amazing feats of acrobatics, such as somersaults and backflips, not only for attack, but also to evade the slashes and strikes of his opponents then quickly retaliate. Aren used the Force to surpass his physical limits and properly use the form to move at high speeds and rain strong blows, jumping and attacking through the air; as well as powerful and quick spinning attacks that could be utilized from all angles, either from ground or air. The Force not only allowed him to perform athletic feats not possible otherwise, but it also helped guide his actions and movements in combat. Aren often appeared like a blur to his opponents, attacking from all directions—the front, the sides, overhead, or behind; and spinning, somersaults, and cartwheels to overwhelm his foes; he became masterful with Ataru's manuevers such as the Hawk-Bat Swoop and the Falling Leaf techniques. Due to his martial arts training, Aren also would heavily stick to Form IV's mantra of "using the entire body as a weapon", using punches, kicks, throws, leg sweeps, and more to off balance or outright knock out his adversaries. While able to use elabortate acrobatics with his blade work, Aren didn't have to and was skilled enough to only use Ataru's quick blade strokes.

Through his use of Djem So, Aren became not only incredibly fast but astonishingly powerful. Utilizing a combination of blocks and parries, Aren was able to create a foundation of defense against both ranged and melee attacks. Immediately after defending against an opponent's strike, Aren followed up with an attack of his own, bringing the force of the opponent's own blow against them and seeking to dominate the duel. Aren possessed a lot of strength, bolstered more by his mechanical arm and that allowed him to use brute strength and pure power, with wide, powerful strikes and parries followed immediately by a counterattack. Aren could not only counter, but also to press the assault, combining Force-enhanced strength with powerful blade combinations to overpower and overwhelm an opponent's defenses; he also employed the "Fluid Riposte," to transition from parrying an attack to a counterstrike. Usually Djem So was noted to have a lack of mobility, but due to Aren's use of Ataru he was able to negate that weakness; as he was able to combine Djem So's powerful attacks, parries and counters with Ataru's elaborate blade work, acrobatics, and speed.

Aren also became quite proficient with Form VI: Niman and used this to become proficient with the other lightsaber forms as well; though not as masterful as his Ataru and Djem So usage he was capable of fighting opponents using these other forms and his knowledge of how to combat the forms was great. He was capable of combining his masterful skill with Ataru with his knowledge of Form I: Shii-Cho to be able to take on multiple adversaries, said to be a weakness of Ataru; and he combined his usage of Ataru with Form V: Shien to deal with blasters. He was even able to flow into the defense of Form III: Soresu, though only when he needed to stay on the defensive for a bit to employ a strong parry. While much preferring the use of a single lightsaber in combat, Aren was also able to utilize Jar'Kai in combat; though he mostly used it for training as an exercise in control he was capable of using it when the need be.

Aren also frequently employed Niman's mantra of using force attacks in conjunction with lightsaber sequences; often using the pushing slash technique, the draw closer technique and various other Force techniques in his blade-work. He would often use Ataru and Djem So with these techniques as well, maneuvering around his opponents and using Force techniques to either off-balance them, or powering through them to finish the fight.

Form seven is very aggressive, Aren. It can take the user very close to the dark side; and you, frankly, sometimes walk too close there as it is.
—Master Dohma when she found out about Aren studying Form VII

By age nineteen, Aren had become quite proficient with his knowledge of the lightsaber forms so Aren would begin studying the forbidden lightsaber form Form VII: Vaapad, the second variation of Form VII and the most aggressive form of lightsaber combat even titled the "Ferocity Form". Vaapad used bold and direct movements that combined lightning fast strikes and incredibly powerful blows with seemingly erratic but definitely controlled movements. Vaapad required a passion that the Jedi would reject; however Aren had that passion and that was problematic as Vaapad is very aggressive and can take the user very close to the dark side and Sirci felt as though Aren walked too close there as it is. Aren felt as though he would be able to keep his darkness in check, and he had been right as with Vaapad he learned how to internalize his passion and love for a good fight, his excitement at winning into fast, powerful, seemingly random, and unpredictable strikes. Aren even learned a technique where by accepting the fury of his opponent, he would be able to reflect their rage along with his own back at them; drastically increasing his physical abilities and dominating his opponent. This was incredibly dangerous, as this Form took the user very close to the dark side, almost walking the line of it; Aren would find the strength to always bring himself back to the light and never being swayed to the dark.

Aren's blade was often so fast that it was described as "a blur of blue", his acrobatics were astounding especially for someone of his height as he was constantly able to make agile leaps and flips around his opponents. Coupled with his great strength, and use of the force this made him a deadly adversary against anyone who dared challenge his lightsaber skills. Aren was also highly skilled with the discipline of Sokan, able to use the environment to gain the advantage. Like when he cut down bamboo in his duel with Darth Blight, and leaping from a tree in order to gain an advantage on Roxai in their sparring duel.

Force Abilities

Aren Vale was one of the most powerful force users of his time. When he was discovered by his master, he was noted to have an abnormally high midi-chlorian count; revealing that he had an incredibly powerful connection with the Force. Originally Aren was trained in strictly the light side of the Force and was capable of performing extensive force feats, he grew such an understanding of the Force that he learned to have complete trust and faith in it; even when using it's more aggressive abilities and his skill and pure knowledge of Force abilities was incredible. Through his intense focus and training, he learned many powerful Force abilities during his time as a Jedi and even after he left the order; learning skills in both the light and dark sides of the force.

Aren had an astounding ability with his Force Telekinesis. He could lift up multiple large objects at a time, such as during his fight with Darth Leviathan, where he lifted up multiple large stone pillars with ease. He also telekinetically lifted and threw a 6-ton metal door at the bounty hunter Fanalis, and held up a collapsing cave for hours at a time while waiting for help to save the passed out Zariah. His force push was incredibly powerful, as he completely overpowered the force wall of Darth Leviathan and moved an incredibly large Greater krayt dragon. His force pull was so strong that he was almost able to stop a Harrower-class dreadnought from escaping the planet; though this needed intense focus and caused immense strain on him. Aren had a powerful Force blast as well, able to shatter several droids with ease, and his force wave was capable of blasting back several thousand droids. He was able to force push several hundred droids away and perform a force repulse that knocked down several trees in the jungles of Haruun Kal; while fighting the two Sith brothers Daron and Mosak, he used a powerful force repulse that caused their lightsabers to shatter, and was powerful enough to blast Darth Leviathan several meters away. He even killed Darth Leviathan with an immensely powerful Force burst.

Aren was also highly skilled with the forces ability to alter the environment. He was capable of doing things such as manipulating the wind to create whirlwinds, and fog to deceive his opponents. He even created bursts of air pressure to burst ear drums, and during a rainstorm could control the lightning to fry a Sith assassin. He can also use Force combustion to ignite an object or a person. Aren was also highly skilled in the Force bubble ability, able to create an extremely durable protective bubble that cannot be easily penetrated. His defensive capabilities became so powerful that he was even able to use Tutaminis to absorb and repel force lightning, as well as even Lightsabers. Aren also was able to use the Force in order to use Battle precognition, though his version only allowed him to see a few seconds into the future; not great for actual future prediction but incredible in the application of a fight. His most rare ability though was his use of Shatterpoint, an ability that allowed him to see fault lines, similar to different pathways of actions. Aren was able to perceive these faults through the Force, and influence them. Aren also possessed knowledge in a rare, and forbidden ability within the Jedi Order, Electric Judgement. It was similar to Sith Force lightning, though not as corrupting and Aren used this to great affect as seen when he matched the force lightning used by Darth Blight.

Aren also had a natural skill with Force augmentation, using the force to enhance his physical abilities to astounding levels, able to jump several hundred feet in the air and move so fast that he appeared to be a blur; causing his saber to create a lens flare effect. He could make himself so physically strong, that he could overpower the likes of Darth Leviathan in a strength based assault. He was capable of using Battlemind to use his immense willpower to drastically increase his physical prowess for a time. Aren also frequently used the Force Body ability to survive what should have killed him; such as surviving a physical assault from Darth Leviathan's Force enhanced punches. He was also capable of using Force valor to overcome his limitations even further, though he would not master this ability until well into his forties.

Due to being a Korunnai, Aren had a natural affinity with using the more aggressive uses of the Force and he often flirted with the dark side; though never enough to succumb to it. He also used Force Rage multiple times even at the disapproval of his master. During his duel with Darth Leviathan, his rage allowed him to overpower the insane Sith in their duel; knocking both of his lightsabers out of his hands with sheer strength and speed. The same thing also happened after witnessing the death of Cin Kuran during his first fight with Darth Ventus. He used Force Stasis to slow down the movements of a dark Jedi. Aren was known for his resistance to the lures of the dark side, channeling his inner darkness into his attacks to help him serve the light side of the Force. This allowed him to utilize some of the darkest powers known to either Jedi or Sith without succumbing to his aggression, such as the powerful Force choke and Force crush. He used these abilities to much greater affect during his time of the Reborn Sith Wars, as he was able to completely crush a bounty hunter's heart when they had almost killed Zariah.

Other Skills

Due to being the Padawan of the Echani Jedi Master Sirci Dohma, Aren would excel in the art of hand to hand combat. Being trained in the Echani style of martial combat. His training would make him so deadly that he was capable of taking down multiple Mandalorians by himself without the use of his lightsaber. By the time he was only eighteen, he was seen as one of the greatest hand to hand combatants within the Jedi order and was known all across the galaxy for he martial skill by the age of twenty one. Aren was noted as being able to use his entire body as a weapon, something that helped him immensely with his lightsaber skills as well.

Aren was also an exceptional mechanic, as he made an exploration droid to help him on missions at the young age of nine years old.

Behind the scenes

  • Aren would be voiced by Eric Vale, who is best known for voicing the roles of Trunks and Sanji from the anime series Dragon Ball and One Piece respectively.

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